Watch: Rihanna Performs ‘Stay’ With Mikky Ekko At The 2013 Grammy Awards

Rihanna Brings It
'All along it was a fever'

One of my favorite (out of many good) performances from last night’s Grammy Awards show was Rihanna‘s emotional rendition of her song Stay, featuring Mikky Ekko. I can’t think of the last time I was especially impressed by a Rihanna performance (not that I’ve really been keeping up lately), but something about this one got me. Did anyone else love this?


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  1. ashley

    Loved it so much.

  2. She did a great job and sounded amazing. Glad she did just a no frills performance and was completely covered up (for once). She looked stunning.

  3. andrew

    regardless of what you think of her personally, or even as a singer/artist, she definitely nailed it.

  4. Definitely my fav performance of the night (Bruno & gang a close second)… but the authenticity of it all… her eyes were closed most of the performance, she didn’t just sing it, she felt it…

  5. i kind of laughed during her performance..her arm movements just got me

  6. lori

    i think she tries too hard to look like shes in “the zone”. and i think she does thast because she is on top of her game, but still doesnt write her own songs. so i think she overcompensates with her looking a little toooooo into it. shes never been like that while singing, so its kinda obvious now and kinda funny to watch.

  7. Devonte

    I’ve love Rihanna since Pon de Replay. I love this Music of the Sun throwback look for her. I really love me some her. She is the Queen of No Fucks Given…but we better look out. A Princess by the name of Miley Cyrus is ready to enter the Kingdom. I feel she can be the next Rihanna…but I didn’t watch Hannah Montana so I can’t say I have followed her the same.

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