The ‘House’ Always Wins


A couple of weeks ago we first heard about an original TV series on Netflix called House of Cards when it premiered in NYC. After I checked out the trailer and then started seeing billboards and posters for the series all over town, I decided to check it out … see if it was worth my time. For the past week or so, I’ve been indulging in season 1 of the show and I have fallen completely in love. Starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara and others, House of Cards has managed to lure me in with its brilliantly acted, written and directed political drama … so much so that I devoured the entire 13-episode first season in mere days. I finished the season late last night and I simply must insist that YOU check it out.

I have to admit, I was very intrigued by the idea of an original series available on Netflix only and I was very impressed to learn that Netflix has made the entire 13-episode season available for watching all at the same time (as opposed to releasing a new episode every week, for example). This notion of releasing entire seasons of a new series at a time flies in the face of traditional television programming where we are used to being fed new episodes as the TV networks see fit. With House of Cards, the decision is left up to the individual to gorge themselves and plow thru the season OR take the time to relish and enjoy the episodes over time. But, that is a discussion for another time.

House of Cards is set in Washington DC and it revolves around the brilliant machinations of Representative Francis Underwood (played by Spacey). Wright plays his equally adept wife Claire and Mara plays an intrepid journalist who will do whatever it takes to get the stories that will advance her career. I must admit, I was turned off at first by the convention of Spacey’s character talking to or looking directly at the camera, as if speaking directly to the viewer but honestly, that is the only complaint I have about the show. In fact, I started to not mind the convention and now … I think I may like it. I HATE the season and a half worth of episodes of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw (and other characters) break the fourth wall and speak directly to the viewer but if the convention stays around in season 2 of House of Cards (and beyond), I don’t think I’ll mind to much. The storytelling in HoC is handled really well and you find yourself rooting for characters you might not expect. I enjoyed the overall story arc of season 1 and I am DYING to see where things go in season 2. If you have a Netflix streaming subscription, I highly suggest you check out this series. I enjoyed watching it so much that I’m now bummed that I don’t have any more eps to watch. I might have to revisit and rewatch the entire season sometime soon.

My night last night was quiet … mainly because I was pretty wiped out all day long after my race yesterday morning. I ended up ordering a pizza and staying in. Not sure how my week will play out but I have to admit, I’m neither looking forward to Valentine’s Day on Thursday or my no-longer anniversary on Sunday. I just gotta get thru this week. That is the plan. Happy Monday!

  • GA1984

    I LOVED THIS SHOW!! Some of Spacey’s quotes/lines are legendary. I devoured this whole season over the weekend and am so glad you are a fan too!

  • gwen

    trent, the bbc version from the early 90’s is also available on netflix. i strongly encourage you to resist watching season 2 of the bbc one. there are spoliers…and it seems they are following the story line.

    hang in there. valentines day is commercial crap! it often disappoints. but the love and support of your friends right now is real..and is what sustains you.

  • Shawna Harris

    Omg, I did the same thing! I have three more to go. It is amazing.

  • Karen C Davis

    It seems that there are no original ideas anymore. Having said that I’ll watch because its actually on Netflix in Canada!

  • JeniLeeSK8

    Carrie talked right to the viewers past season 1? I dont remember that!

    • @JeniLeeSK8 — Carrie and other characters spoke directly to the camera for all of season 1 and the first half of season 2.