Listen: Justin Timberlake Drops A New Song Titled ‘Mirrors’


After a very successful Grammy Awards performance last night (and just before a hugely successful live concert in Hollywood, CA), Justin Timberlake dropped a new song from his upcoming album The 20/20 Experience for all to hear … and love. Mirrors is the newest track that has been released from JT’s new album and as you can hear above, it’s pretty good. While I only marginally enjoy his first single Suit & Tie, I really love Mirrors from beginning to end. The song clocks in at over 8 minutes but it’s well worth your time, I think. Unlike Suit & Tie (which, IMHO, sounds too much like stale Justin Timberlake), Mirrors manages to meld the classic JT sound that we fell in love with all those years ago while offering something fresh and inventive. At the 5:40 mark of the song, the music and instrumentation carries on in a sonorous and melodic way that feels funky and new (and will likely get chopped off the radio edit). Take a listen and see what you think. If The 20/20 Experience is more like Mirrors than Suit & Tie, then I think Justin Timberlake is going to successfully satisfy both old and new listeners alike.

  • nicole

    i cant wait for this album. freakin excited.

  • Joanna

    I really like this song. It is vintage Justin and will do very will on the radio and on the charts, but I fear that people will make too much of a comparison between this song and “What Goes Around Comes Around” for them to truly sit back and listen to a great song. I wonder though, how much the song will get chopped up for the radio edit.

  • Matthew

    I can’t see this doing well on radio. But it’s JT and you can’t really count him out. I would not have predicted Frank Ocean doing well on radio either so what do I know? Is Suit & Tie doing well on radio? I haven’t heard it, but I haven’t been listening to the radio much lately.

    I might have to let these songs grow on me. So far, nothing that is an instant smash hit in my opinion, but that might not be what he’s going for. He’s already had massive commercial success with the last album.

  • nicole

    i dont think this is an official i dont think we have to worry about how it will do on radio..though i can see it doing well on some charts.
    the good thing about this song, is it shows hes going for the more grown audience – which is a good thing.

  • Whit

    Love it!

    Even though it’s clearly about that lady he got legal like taxes…She better not be in MY man’s video for this!!!

  • rOXy

    It’s new JT. What’s not to love?

  • Karen

    I like this! Wasn’t really into Suit & Tie. Hope there’s more of this and less of that on the rest of the album.

  • blaqfury

    It’s inevitable…. I’ma have to get this album