First Look: Hustle Roses Releases A Music Video For Her New Single ‘Sleepwalker’

'Sleepwalk' With Me

Last month my girl Hustle Roses dropped a music video for her single NoHo and today she is BACK with a new music video for her latest single Sleepwalker. We are just days away from the release of Hustle Roses‘s new mixtape Bitters and the release of the Sleepwalker video is the PERFECT way to get the party started. As you can see in the embed above, the video for Sleepwalker is unlike any video you’ve seen before … it’s basically brilliant. Check it out, see what you think … fall in love, whatevs. Then click below to see the amazingly entertaining lyric video for the song.

Gah, I love this song so much … and I love BOTH videos, to be quite honest. Truthfully, tho, I have to give it up for the official music video that was filmed using the rear camera on a phat Mercedes. Just a effing brilliant idea. Do you love this video or what?!

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  1. Love Sleepwalker. It is impossible for me to watch the Official vid without busting into an ear-to-ear grin. The girl is champagne bubbles. And I just love her. That is all. = )

  2. Isabelle

    ” …fall in love, whatevs…” Done. (She looks so enthusiastic I just can’t help it)

  3. Someone


  4. Both videos are adorable! Fun song!

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