Check Out The Best And Boldest Looks Of The 2013 Grammy Awards


Ha! I know what y’all thought. Y’all thought Kelly Rowland’s picture was gonna be front and center. And it was. It’s just that as I was writing this, I realized last night’s final post had K-Row as the main pic, and I gotta at least pretend to be interested in somebody else on the planet right now, lmao! But no, seriously! The 55th Annual Grammy Awards aired last night and the show was pretty awesome (we’ll get to that later)! The fashion was also awesome, though I do think that ridiculous dress code put a little bit of a damper on things. Maybe I missed it but, while everyone looked amazing, I didn’t see anything really, really shocking! Which is fine! Peep the gallery for more and click inside to check out my personal faves of the night. Sidenote/HUGE Deal: Remember a while back we listened to up-and-coming artist Jade Novah’s brilliant cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds? Well she’s actually a friend of mine from Cleveland who’s been putting in that work, and she recently won the Grammy Hitlab Emerging Talent competition. So she was AT the effing Grammys! Which means I was basically AT the effing Grammys! Hella shouts-out to her!!! She’s in the gallery looking amazing, along with the rest of those fine, famous folk.

Shannon’s Grammy Awards Best Dressed List, In No Particular Order
(Except For The Part Where Kelly Rowland Really Is Number 1):


1. Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra (her accessories were super-fab as well)

2. Katy Perry in Gucci (I’m sure someone out there can find something negative about Katy’s look, but I sure as hell cannot)

3. Rihanna in Azzedina Alaia (you can hate on her choice of date– and I did– but not the dress… although the weave wasn’t completely doing it for me)

4. Nazanin Mandi AKA Miguel’s girlfriend– I can’t remember who she was wearing, but OMG. She is insane.

5. Florence Welch was everything in Givenchy Couture

6. Beyoncé in Osman (at first I didn’t love it, mainly because she was rocking pants, but then I saw her waist-to-hip ratio and I had to bow down)

7. Faith Hill in J. Mendel

8. Taylor Swift in J. Mendel (although I felt like we’d def seen this look from her before)

9. Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello, mainly because I love anybody in Anthony Vaccarello, and also because I felt like she was kind of breaking the dress code just for fun (the hair and make-up didn’t exactly work for me, but the leg and the Jimmy Choo heels totally did).

10. Kimbra, who I’ve never really paid attention to, had me falling for her in a design by Jaime Lee Major. I know everyone won’t love this look, but I thought it made perfect sense for her.

Who rocked your top looks of the night? Let me know, and I’ll find the designer for you, if it’s not one of the artists listed here! Oh, I also thought Adele looked absolutely gorgeous in Valentino Couture, and so did Carrie Underwood in Roberto Cavalli!

[Source] [Photo Credit: Getty/Splash/INF]

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i loved adele, because we always see her in a black dress. she is always stunning, but it was lovely to see her in pink (and black).

    • Shannon

      Jennifer Wilson, ah you’re so right. I thought she just looked so comfortable and those colors were so good on her.

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I’m happy someone else liked Kimbra’s dress! At first I was all O_o, umm k? But then as I kept watching I fell in love with it. Definitely should not be on some of the worst dressed lists!

    • Shannon

      Alicia Mayo-White, yeah, I hate seeing her dress on those lists too. I actually think she was one of the only artists who took a real risk with her choice, even though it also seemed like a totally natural look for her.

  • Kayla

    I really loved a lot of the looks you already mentioned, but also really loved me some Solange!!

  • nicole

    there were alot of really nice looks last night. i gotta say..i didnt hate Jlo’s look. it was really toned down from the tight dresses shes been wearing lately. i think she just needed to play up the accessories a little, like maybe a big pair of earrings?

  • Joan

    You know what was Kelly Rowland’s best accessory? HER ARMS! LOL I have to say, I loved every single on of Rhianna’s looks last night (except for her “sitting in the audience” look…then I would just shake my head). She was gorgeous last night. (Her hair was everything!) And I’m so glad you put Florence on the list! I LOVED her green dress– and even question myself for liking it so much– but you have just reassured me! It’s perfect. It represents her so well.

  • Lauren xx

    Katy Perry looks like a booger with cleavage. That color is so awful on her. Just because she has an amazing rack doesn’t mean she can get away with wearing awful clothes.

    • Lauren xx

      Forgot to add – the dress fits her so well, she would look so much nicer in a non-booger shade of green!

      Man, I didn’t realize I reacted to strongly to that. Yikes.

    • rOXy

      You crack me up!!! Your comment reminded me of the Mucinex ads and their anthropomorphic loogies = / A lot of people thought the color looked good on her, maybe so, but that’s not saying much considering it is institutional green. My elementary school’s bathroom stalls were painted that exact shade.

  • blaqfury

    I guess i’m one of the few that didn’t like Katy Perry’s dress… i thought the cutout cheapened her look. She is so pretty, she doesn’t need a gimmick.
    Now as for a cutout done right.. Ms. Rowland, please step up! By far the most fab look on the carpet. Everyone else, please take note.