Miley Cyrus Dons Emilio Pucci To The Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party

Helloooooo, Side Boob!

What’s good, Miley?! LOL. Ever since we learned that Miley Cyrus was up in the club (and the recording studio) with Juicy J, I’ve pretty much been a fan of hers. Never one to slouch on the risqué fashion, the young star showed up to Clive Davis‘s annual Pre-Grammy party in a sexy little Emilio Pucci dress. There’s no doubt about it– Miley looks like a friggen rock star, and the stylings of this dress seem so perfect for her. I’m not sure if anyone else could rock it, but I think it works on Miley. And since she recently bared some major cleavage on the cover of Cosmo, I’m guessing she decided to hit us off with a lil’ side boob action, lmao! Ok, Miley! Um, thanks? Peep the gallery for more!

[Photo Credit: Splash/Getty]

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  1. Alecia

    I bet she figured it’s best to violate dress code last night and not tonight. I’m sure the Grammys have sweatpants and sweatshirts ready for prime offenders.

  2. Vicky

    I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing tonight and see who tries to go against that ridiculous email that was sent to the attendees.

  3. God, I am so jealous of her body! And her confidence! I mean, c’mon!

  4. I am already tired of th hairstyle. She’s looking very “current Sharon Stone” in these shots. While that is a compliment to Sharon, it’s not so much for Miley. : /

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