Madonna Joins Instagram [UPDATE]


Madonna, the Queen of the Universe, has finally made the decision to join Instagram about 3 years after it was cool by posting her first photo on the social networking site last night. Altho the first photo posted on her official Instagram profile was published back in early November, the photo you can see below is the first that Madonna posted herself (the previous photos appear to have been published by her PR people). To be honest, this first Instagram photo of Madge isn’t the most flattering but … I have to admit that I’m pretty excited by the prospect that Maddy will be posting personal photos from her own cell phone from here on out. Click below to see Madonna’s first photo on Instagram and welcome her to the site.

Cheers motherfuckers! I’m on instagram

I love the photo, for the most part, and I really love her Michele Obama-inspired bangs but the dark circles under her eyes are not doing her any favors. My guess is that Maddy’s isn’t quite adept at utilizing Instagram’s filters quite yet … but she’s new, so it’s to be expected. I highly suggest y’all follow Madonna at cuz you never know what she might show us next.

UPDATE: Just moments ago, Madonna uploaded another photo on her official Instagram profile:

Addicted to sweat !!!!!

Another photo so soon, eh? Methinks this is going to be fun.


  • jade
    • @jade — LOL!!!!!!

    • rOXy

      hahaha jade! That’s the first thing that popped in my head after I saw the whole pic. You beat me to it! I think it’s the way her lips look that make it so Simpsony.

  • Diana

    Okay, I’m totally not into this feud because I’m not a huge fan of either, but she kind of looks like Lady Gaga in this pic!

  • rOXy

    It should be interesting to watch her skills develop. I am glad she maintains at least the pretense of being accessible to her fans. Can you imagine if the technology had been available back in her Sex Book days? Lawdy…

  • Vandella

    Instagram might jack this image and sell it to Visine long-lasting for a before picture because they own it now!