Justin Timberlake Will Open Up Tonight’s Grammy Awards With ‘Suit & Tie’


PITNBR emily, you’re just gonna have to deal with the JT takeover. I know, I know. It’s hard, but it’s happening, lol! Justin Timberlake has been promoting his forthcoming album like cray, and now the whooole world (or at least, those watching the Grammy Awards) is about to be on their Suit & Tie ish. JT will open tonight’s Grammys with a performance of his single Suit & Tie, along with a previously unheard track. I’m pretty pumped! Click inside for more!

Complex has the deets:

Justin Timberlake will open up this year’s Grammy Awards with a performance of his new single “Suit & Tie,”and also with a brand new song that has never been heard before. Ken Ehrlich, the show’s executive producer, told Entertainment Weekly, “[Justin] played five or six tracks for me just two or three weeks ago, and the great thing is not only is he doing a song that everybody has heard by now, but he’s also going to tack on to that something that nobody has heard. So we’ve got a nice little world premiere going with him that’s very, very exciting.”

It’s unknown whether or not Jay-Z will join Justin on stage for “Suit & Tie,” and the premiere will most likely be off his upcoming album The 20/20 Experience, which is due out March 19, though it has not been confirmed.

Tune in to the 55th Annual Grammy Awards tomorrow night at 8pm EST to see JT’s opening act.

Well, I’m gonna need some Jay-Z up in there, so that’s one issue. I’m also really curious about the new song Justin’s going to perform. We’ve already heard two other tracks from The 20/20 Experience, and I’m assuming it’s not one of those. Either way, I’m expecting good things!

I’d heard rumors that Taylor Swift was opening the show and, while I do rocks with Swifty, I prefer this news. What do y’all think? How will JT come back in his first big-time, big-deal performance?!

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  • Iris B

    This is awesome! It’ll keep be tied to the tv tonight, that’s for sure.

  • emily

    Shannon, you’re good … you made me click on a JT post just b/c of your shout out. Darn you and your wiles. It’s all good on the JT takeover, I can scroll over these posts just as easily as ones about Justin Bieber (ah, the other over-hyped, egotistical, obnoxious Justin on the music scene…) For JT it’s The Justin Show all the time and I just ain’t tunin’ in.

  • nicole


  • Freakinfatone

    Looks like it is Taylor Swift opening tonight. Just read a quote from her talking about not wanting to screw it up. Oh well, JT is still performing, so I’m good.

  • tessa

    Had a family obligation and MISSED THIS PERFORMANCE. Am dying. Please please please Shannon tell me you’ll be able to post a video of it that can be seen in Canada!!

  • Ria

    Ahhhh, he is SO talented. That voice + that dancing. I don’t really like the new songs (though I’m a HUUUUUGE fan of his previous work), but I can still appreciate the talent behind it all.