‘EVERYBODY STOP AND LOOK AT KELLY ROWLAND’S ARMS’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Between Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl performance and the Scandal recap, I think it’s safe to say I LOL’d more this week over PITNBr commentary than ever before. So much passion, intensity, and outrage poured through all of your keyboards and onto the site; it was amazing! In fact, I’m gonna be LOLing as I copy and paste some of my favorite comments from this week–  and let me just say that it’s really impossible to select a handful, when the Super Bowl comments alone need to be immortalized in time forever ;) Click inside to re-live and re-lurve some of the best in PITNB reader comments this week!

PITNBr Joan offered up her critique (like so many of you did) of Beyoncé‘s Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time performance, highlighting an especially important factor:

She didn’t seem to sing a song for more than 30 seconds straight. I think that contributed to the show feeling particularly being short-length. I wasn’t completely happy with the song selection at first, up until DC popped on stage. The Single Ladies bit was my highlight. And, yes, KELLY ROWLAND! I was all like “EVERYBODY STOP AND LOOK AT KELLY ROWLAND’S ARMS”

PITNBr Gillian saw what a lot of us saw– Queen Bey kicking Kelly and Michelle off stage after, like, the most amazing 45-second reunion. When we learned about the Mrs. Carter World tour, Gillian had this to say:

I think she took one look at their far superior weaves and pleatherness and had no choice but to send them packing. How dare they challenge the queen!

PITNBr Brent also had some weave-related thoughts on the Super Bowl performance:

By the way. When Bey was throwing her hair back and and forth, me and the bf were like someone is gonna snatch that weave off her head LOL.

PITNBr emily had me roooolllllliiiinnnnn’:

I asked my mom to text me when halftime was on and she wrote, “Biance is starting now. ” Thought PITNBRs would appreciate that.

PITNBr Laurenxx, you rule. Rather than throw your hands up (like the rest of us) over Miranda Kerr’s ability to look insanely good every single time the’razzis catch her in the airport, you shared a comprehensive list of airport sexifiability tips. And for that, we thank you:

I read some tips in Allure wayyy back in high school that work well for me when traveling: (My friends are witches that waste no time going from airport to going out on the town.)

1. Tinted moisturizer or bb cream before landing (and before they make you stow everything) because the dry recirculated air sucks all the moisture out of your skin. (Likewise, stay hydrated and lay off the alcohol and soda which will make bags look worse!)
2. Little bit of eyeliner, mascara, and gloss, keep it natural. Blush and/or concealer if you’re adventurous.
3. Figure out a no-fuss hairdo before the flight and stick with it. I like a high ponytail or bun, low key yet chic.

It also helps if you have a non-judgmental travel companion. It’s odd primping next to a total stranger in confined quarters.

PITNBr Iris B really should have written the entire P!nk Throwback Thursday post, lmao. Here’s one of maybe seven comments she wrote:


Okay. Here I am to help:

First off: You missed this. When the remix to “Get the Party Started” came out, I was crying on the flllooorrrr because I was NO WHERE NEAR legal age to go to a club and act a mess to the Method Man movement. (I also felt that if this song didn’t come out, there wouldn’t have been a Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” ft. Redman song. However, I digress.) :

“Raise Your Glass” – PERFECT karokee song to start the night. I have FB pictures to prove it. Trust. Not only that – it’s another one of those P!nk songs where she tells her fans, ‘We’re geeky freaking nerds and punks – but it’s ok. I lurrrvvv yaaaa!’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjVNlG5cZyQ

You want to talk about her dance moves? YOU NEED TO WATCH WHEN SHE DID A TRIBUTE TO JANET JACKSON in that MTV ICON Tribute, before the Nipple Gate action at THAT SUPERBOWL. P!nk performed “Miss You Much”. I’m serious. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4sApEqkDFw

She went on to post many more songs, as did a lot of you, so shouts-out to everyone who contributed to Throwback Thursday!

PITNBr Jennifer Wilson, was totally winning with this comment on Chloë Grace Moretz’s awesome manicure art:

her nails are kick ass! ….get it? kick ass? oh.

PITNBr Claire Michelle was just as concerned as many of us when we learned that Taylor Swift and The Game were hanging out. But she also made a very keen observation about how most gangsta rappers are really just little teenage girls inside:

Ugh, Taylor makes me want bangs so hard!!

Also, the way the Game uses filters makes me think he is secretly a 13 year old girl. C’mon, Game. No need for that heavy of a filter!

What a week! I love y’all! The Grammy red carpet madness is beginning! Nobody talk to me, lol!!!

  • rOXy

    I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the Grammy fashion. KR killed it.

  • Lauren xx

    You’re welcome! I can’t hold that kind of knowledge to myself, gotta pay it forward! :)

  • Iris B

    LOL. This is awesome! My favorite comment of the bunch is PITNBr emily’s comment. “Biance.”
    Beyonce is (not) having the best week ever between She-hulk and that added the iicing to the cake lmao.

  • Joan

    Darned, those arms! SiiiiiiiiCK.

    Also, I would like to publicly state that English is my second language and every time I hit “submit” I proceed to head-desk myself for all the incredibly annoying grammar mistakes I recognize. (I’m cool with them if I don’t recognize them, LOL!) Please, bear with this Puerto Rican, coming to you directly from the main island. OHWA-OH! *Single Ladies pose*

    Love you, Shannon!

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i am the only person on the planet who didnt watch the super bowl, the halftime show, or the commercials.

    but i did make reader comments of the week anyway! win!

  • emily

    Haha Jennifer, I watched the halftime only because it was assigned PITNB homework. I’m the one who asked my mom to text when halftime started and she said, “Biance is on.” (My mom failed her PITNB homework, but wins at making us laugh.)

    • Jennifer Wilson

      emily! yes, your mom is a winner! at least she knows who biance is!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Thanks for the love, Shannon! I so look forward to this every week, and it is extra fun to see my name pop up! :) You’re the best! And Joan’s comment on Kelly’s arms is so full of win!

  • Dezden

    A) Biance. B) Iris B. C) I love y’all.