Watch: Mariah Carey Uses Winter Superstorm Nemo To Celebrate Xmas . . . Again


As you may be well aware, the East Coast part of the US is buried under piles of snow today in the wake of Winter Snowstorm Nemo which pounded the area last night. Folks in the region spent a good part of their day/evening/night posting photos to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram showing the rest of us in the non-snowy parts of the country what we were missing. Mariah Carey decided to use the freshly fallen snow to her advantage … by choosing to celebrate Xmas all over again. That’s right, despite the fact that Mimi already celebrated Xmas with her family in Aspen, CO last December, she decided … What the Hell? Let’s do Xmas all over again! and shared her Xmas fun on her official Twitter profile. Click below to share in her celebratory night last night.

I repeat Christmas extravaganza has begun! If you live in NYC watch for us in our party Christmas SUV classic baby! / * Correction a repeat listening to MC11you right now in the snow come on! Been pon de studio working needed a moment / At the most beautiful,comfy room in NY in Re Christmas mode listening to The Christmas song by the legend Nat King C / How celebratory is this moment. The real Lambs remember how Long I waited to take down my Christmas tree in 2010 ! / Just to be clear these festivities are cos Im never in NY when it snows and nothing makes me happier than Christmas! / Also I needed a moment of anti bleakness .. Now it’s bc to the studio at 4:30 AM but hey I’m happy!LYM!!!!! / Naturally, Mimi turns a bleak NYC blizzard into a festive Christmas holiday revisited!

LOL! MC is the best. At first I was afraid that Mimi was having a repeat of her post-Glitter failure meltdown but it sounds like she was just blowing off some steam to release some recording studio tension. It’s no secret that Mariah LOVES her some Xmas. For Xmas 2012, she made her way to Australia for work and found herself without snow … I guess I can understand her desire to use last night’s snowstorm in NYC to her advantage. It looks like she had a lot of fun, it was nice of her to share the fun with all of us.

PS: I’m convinced Mimi was drunk as Hell. LOL.


  • Brent

    Drunk MiMi is everything! LOL!

  • Shannon

    ‘Roaring Fires’ Make Life Happy.

    Sooo, midway through the video Mimi straight up takes the camera and starts recording everything upside down, lmao! There was definitely hella wine in the building.

    • @Shannon — Hella wine? Naw, that betch was chugging Boons and shit ;)

    • Brent

      The upside-down part was the best part LOL. I was like, really? You can’t tell you are recording upside-down? LOL Maybe she was having a Diana Ross moment.

  • DC

    lmao gotta love MC

  • Tru U

    OMG, this is why people still call her crazy. I just can’t say anything to defend this and I am a huge Mariah fan. She needs to get her crap together.

  • nicole

    only Mimi – and i love it lol.

  • Colleen

    There’s nothing wrong with a bit of wine and Christmas in February! Good for Mimi.

    I just turned my Christmas songs off last week on iTunes.