First Look: Beyoncé’s Latest ‘Vogue’ Magazine Cover Leaks To The Internets


For the past few weeks we’ve been hearing rumors that Beyoncé would be gracing the cover of Vogue magazine sometime soon, today we get confirmation that Bey is Vogue’s latest covergirl. Before her Super Bowl Halftime Show and before she announced the Mrs. Carter Show Tour, a leaked image of Beyoncé started making the rounds that was rumored to be part of her Vogue shoot … it was not. An industrious fansite managed to get their hands on an actual copy of Bey’s issue of Vogue and they share the goods with all of us. Get your first look at Beyoncé‘s Vogue cover below.

Beyoncé on the cover of VOGUE!

Beyoncé inside VOGUE

Clearly, Beyoncé‘s quest to rule the universe carries on. I’m actually very surprised that it took this long for the cover to leak considering all the Bey news lately but I guess better late than never. She looks fabulous … classy, elegant. I can’t wait to see more from this issue of Vogue in high resolution. She looks good, right?

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  • Devonte

    She has covered Vogue before…

  • David

    This isn’t Beyoncé’s first Vogue cover.

    • @David — OY! I’m not sure why I thought that … clearly, I’ve lost my mind. I’ll amend, thanks.

  • Donny

    Anna Wintour approved that? No.

  • Randal

    Those pics are so NOT Vogue. Carrie Bradshaw would cancel her subscription after viewing this uninspired spread.

  • PearlyWhite

    Beyonce looks lovely and classic.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I am not loving her facial expression on the cover and I am not even sure why?! I can’t even understand it.

  • Miranda

    So…did she get a nose job….or not….hmmmm