Ellen Page Of ‘Juno’ And ‘Inception’ Will Make Her Directorial Debut


We’ve been getting some pretty awesome movie news lately. Terrence Malick, Ryan Gosling, and Wes Anderson are all about to change our lives very soon (I hope), and oh– the Bored To Death movie has been confirmed! And here’s another fun fact– actress Ellen Page (who we all remember from films like Juno and Inception) is getting behind the camera for a change. She’ll be making her directoria debut with a movie called Miss Stevens, and I’m kinda psyched! Click inside for more!

Indiewire has the story:

Having logged time with everyone from blockbuster filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and uh, Brett Ratner, to indie directors such as Jason Reitman and Zal Batmanglij, it looks like Ellen Page is taking a nod from “Whip It!” helmer Drew Barrymore, and taking a turn in the director’s chair.

Page is now slated to make her directorial debut “Miss Stevens,” and she has landed the potentially great, but consistently underutilized Anna Faris to star. Penned by Julia Hart, the film will follow a teacher (Faris) who chaperones a group of high school students to a drama competition. And as these things go along, she’ll try to put her own messy life back together. It all sounds like feel good stuff, but also like it could be another potential “Pitch Perfect” or “Bring It On” (though this sounds like it has a bit more of a dramatic edge to it). But either way, we’re rooting for Page and it’s always exciting to see folks of her talent stretch their wings.

Well, I’m into it! Page has always struck me as a really talented actress, but I could also see her directing a good film. And Anna Faris is always a good time, so I think this could be fun.

Before this movie jumps off, Ellen Page will be filming X-Men Days Of Future Past, so we’ve got a ways to go. But still, exciting!