Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases A Second Set Of Justin Bieber Promo Videos


Earlier this week we got to see a set of Justin Bieber promo videos for this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. As you should be WELL AWARE by now, The Biebs is acting as both host AND musical guest on tomorrow night’s ep. SNL seems to be SO EXCITED that they’ve got JB this weekend that they have released another set of promo videos hyping up his appearance … which you can see in the embed above. OMG! on Yahoo! has some rumored deets on what Justin’s performance on SNL this weekend will be like … including some goss on his monologue topic and which songs he’ll be performing. If you’d like to be spoiled before tomorrow night’s episode, check out the deets below.

Bieber’s opening monologue will be Valentine’s Day themed. No word yet on if he’s singing it, or speaking it, but expect it to deal with themes of love. For his performances, Biebs is doing the normal count of two songs. The first is “As Long As You Love Me,” and the second is the new track “Nothing Like Us.” The latter choice is interesting because it’s his new breakup song about his relationship with Selena Gomez, one of three new tracks from his new Believe Acoustic album. Again, we’ll see if the plan holds true. Bieber could change his set list on a whim and the “SNL” writers could change up the monologue right up through the dress rehearsal.

Keep in mind, changes to content of each episode can change multiple times right up until showtime so … these reported deets might not pan out but, hey, I guess we’ll all have to tune in tomorrow night to see The Biebs in action and see what he pulls off. You excited?