The Couch Is Coming


A few weeks ago I purchased the leather club chair that I’ve been dreaming about for years and at the time, I also found the perfect couch to go along with it. I had a few logistical things to take care of before I could take the plunge and buy the couch so I had to hold off for a bit. Yesterday, tho, I managed to get things sorted and I went ahead an ordered my BEAUTIFUL new couch! And, I know it may sound a bit lame to get all excited about a piece of furniture … but when you consider how many naps will be enjoyed on this new piece of furniture, I think it becomes more clear how important this news truly is.

I’ve been wanting a really soft, really cushy leather couch for years now. The one I bought when I first moved to LA was really great but someone who shall remain nameless accidentally ruined part of it … rendering it ugly and uncomfortable. Sadly, the couch had to go and a new had to be found. I fell in LOVE with this couch as soon as I saw it at Room and Board. It’s so soft, cushy and comfortable. I knew I had to have it … and come next Friday, it shall be mine :) The couch is really the last piece of furniture that I really need or want. I still have some things to hang up on some walls but there’s no rush for any of that. The couch is the final piece of furniture and then … I can just go about the act of luxuriating all around my home :)

To celebrate my new acquisition, I picked up a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s yesterday and indulged a bit … ’twas good … very good indeed.

Not sure what my plan is for today, hopefully I’ll get to hang out with some peeps. It’s rainy today but I’ll take warmish rain over feet of snow any day. I hope YOU are having a great Friday! Happy Weekend!!

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  • Isabelle

    So, when are we invited over to try that couch I’m so jealous of ?

    • @Isabelle — Hee Hee, maybe I’ll have a PITNBr House Warming :)

  • AwesomeMargie


    How did HE-WHO-SHALL-REMAIN-NAMELESS ruin it? Ugh.

    • @AwesomeMargie — Overuse of hair product, which ate thru the top layer during long naps over the years :/

    • Cee

      In a way, that is hilarious and kind of lame. I hope we’re on the same page with that, Trent!

    • Yes, lame. I did give him Hell for it when it happened.

    • Cee

      It is a fabulous couch though. Very male and very sexy! Def looks nap inducing.

  • AwesomeMargie

    Say what?! Oh hell no.
    And I am totally getting a visual from Coming to America and how the product Soul Glo left those stains on the couch.

    All in all, I’m glad you are getting that beautiful couch.

    • @AwesomeMargie — LOL. It wasn’t that bad. It was something that happened over time. We only got him using a pillow after it was too late. We used to use throw blankets to cover up the damaged area. It was just time to get rid of the thing altogether.

    • AwesomeMargie

      Men. Tsk, tsk. ;)

  • nicole

    ahh the shamrock shake is out already?? im soooo on that

  • Caroline

    Ahh – I was so glad that I had to move after my break-up with my long terms BF (9yrs). I didn’t even let him in my new place the last time I saw him because I didn’t want him to imprint on it. He had already imprinted on way too many memories of mine around the neighborhood. I needed one place to be free. Kudos to your new couch and the new energy it will bring! PS: 9 months have passed. It does get better. I’m going on my first date in almost 10 years tomorrow.

    • @Caroline — I hope you have the best date ever. I’m not there yet but I know I’ll be ready soon. I’ll be sending you positive vibes for a very fun date tomorrow xoxox

  • rOXy

    There ya go! Way to go zen! Just become one with the couch, Trent.

    Love your place!

    Totally dayowwwn for that housewarming. Would love to see the kooky gifts your kooky friends would bring. :)

  • Joanna

    Congratulations on your new couch! Btw, is that an IKEA coffee table in that pic? Cause if that’s the case I have the exact same one in my apartment! Too bad I live on the other side of the country. Other wise I’d definitely make my way to your place for a PITNB reader housewarming.

    • @Joanna — No, the coffee table is not Ikea. This photo was taken inside the Room and Board showroom. I’ll prolly post a photo once it’s in my home :D

  • Malia

    Gorgeous couch!
    BTW, I have gone over the moon falling in love with the Superemofriends you linked to recently. I am obsessed with Salvadore’s work now and desperately saving for my own collection!

    • @Malia — He’s really good, right? All of his drawings are so cute! I’m glad you like him, I’m a big fan :D

  • Dezden

    That couch looks like buttah… niiice!!!!!!

  • Monicaaa

    Congrats on the new couch Trent! LOVE Room and Board! Ordered a new couch from there just last week.

    Good for you for redecorating post-heartbreak and creating a new energy in your space. Hopefully you are feeling more self-empowered and liberated instead of sad. All in good time.

    Hearts to you!