Taylor Swift Was Hanging Out At The Gym With The Game


You just can’t make this stuff up! Now we’ve known Taylor Swift to hang out (and then not hang out) with um, many, various dudes. But The Game?! That is awesome, and she is cool now– so, that’s no longer up for debate, lol. The last time we saw Taylor she was looking her typically fab self at the NRJ Awards, and the last time we saw Game, he was causing controversy over his Jesus Piece album cover. And now they’re BFFL! At least in my mind they are. The two were at the same gym, and Game snapped a photo that I’m totally making my Facebook profile pic right now. Click inside for more!

That-Ish-Cray Of The Day:

Complex has the story:

What do The Game and Taylor Swift have in common? A love of fitness, apparently. Game posted the above image on Instagram last of himself with his arm around the country/pop star (yes, that’s them behind the shine of some liberal filtering).

Swift apparently swung by Game’s gym to participate in his ongoing 60 Days of Fitness project, which, as Game is quick to point out, Rob Kardashian and La La have also done. No word yet on if these two ever plan on entering a studio together, but this shot has certainly piqued our curiosity (and fear).

Ummm, I don’t know what Complex is talking about– I’d do crazy, unspeakable things to hear a Swifty/Game collabo! The Game has had some pretty awesome hooks and I could totally hear Taylor on one of them; and, well, Taylor could use the street cred… not that her sales are suffering or anything, lol. Anyway, her street cred just shot through the roof with this one! So yeah, I gotta go change my profile pic. Laterz.

P.S. Are those really Taylor’s gym clothes? LMAO!!! I love her!


  • Nancy

    Why do Taylor’s hands & legs look like she has been wrestling pigs in a slop pit? Yet her silken white hot pants are totally unblemished? Is this pic for realsies?

    • Shannon

      Nancy, I think Game overdid it on the Instagram filter, lol.

    • @Shannon — LOL! Yes, this would’ve looked much better if Game had gone the #nofilter route

  • Ashley

    This photo looks fake.

    • @Ashley — It’s the tragic misuse of Instagram filters. Game could use a tutorial.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Ugh, Taylor makes me want bangs so hard!!

    Also, the way the Game uses filters makes me think he is secretly a 13 year old girl. C’mon, Game. No need for that heavy of a filter!

  • Natalea

    Re: Taylor’s gym clothes – she looks like she’s either been fencing or taming lions.

    • @Natalea — LOL!!!!!!!

  • Devonte

    How does she even know who he is!?!