Selena Gomez Is Beyond Bikini-Ready On The New ‘Spring Breakers’ Poster

Meet 'Faith'

A little while we back we got to check out the first trailer for Spring Breakers, the highly-anticipated film from Harmony Korine (writer of Kids, director of Gummo), and it was pretty awesome. Selena Gomez stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, James Franco, and– everyone’s favorite– Gucci Mane, in a dark indie drama about college girls gone bad. New character posters have been released for the movie and, although they’re photoshopped to all hell, they’re pretty fun. I’m just trying to figure out if Selena‘s successfully shed that child star image (I think she has). Click inside for more!

Selena Gomez and James Franco, Spring Breakers Character Posters:


LOL. With characters named ‘Faith‘ and ‘Alien,’ how can you not be excited about this film? And look at Selena! Between her red carpet looks and the upcoming Spring Breakers release, she is sooo almost on her grown and sexy ish. She’s still not quite there, but I like that. She’s got plenty of time to grow up before our eyes, but the process is definitely happening. And I love that she’s wearing a cross around her neck (so is Franco). That is everything.

Spring Breakers hits theatres March 22, 2013.


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  1. EAW

    Selena is a babe, Franco looks like a K-Fed ripoff, but more importantly Shannon – I CANNOT wait to hear what you say about last night’s Scandal! Ish got REAL – bolded, italicized, underlined. I have never been so excited about a show

    • EAW, oh. I’m legit SCARED to write this recap and re-live the madness that was last night. I feel like I can’t trust anyone, can’t trust myself, lmao! See you at the recap later tonight :)

  2. Where did those boobs come from?! Has she always had them and I just didn’t notice?

  3. Emma

    My thoughts exactly! Disney probably made her hide them…She looks incredible though.

  4. @ClaireMichelle and Emma, LMAO at Disney hating on Selena’s boob game!!!

  5. At the risk of being heavily moded in the future, all I can say is, now I know why Justin just wants to be her.

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