Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ‘Nobody Likes Babies,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


Y’all. We have 270 things to discuss, but I’m gonna open this recap by addressing Shonda Rhimes’s Twitter account. Her bio reads as follows: I make stuff up for a living. Remember, it’s not real, okay? Don’t tweet me your craziness. LMAO, I always read that and thought, ‘Who actually does that, though? Who actually gets sooo into one of her shows that they start tweeting craziness to her?‘ And then last night’s episode aired. And luckily, I was wayyyyy too glued to my screen, and to my notes to get on Twitter and lose my mind all over @shondarhimes. Anyway, she retweeted me one time, so I’d hate to get blocked, but that’s how real ish got last night! Click inside for the recap I almost don’t wanna write… ’cause we’re gonna have to talk about how certain characters we thought we knew and lurved are effing KILLERS!

Sooo, this episode was a huge deal. PITNBr EAW hit me up earlier today saying she was psyched for the recap and I told her I was scared, nervous, didn’t know who to trust, etc. Like, for real. I don’t know who to trust anymore!!! I don’t trust my favorite show, I don’t trust Shonda, I don’t trust you bitches reading this, lmao! Why didn’t y’all see this coming?! Why didn’t y’all warn meeeeeeee?!?!?! I’m done with all ‘a ya’ll.

So yeah, in this episode we found out pretty much everything that mattered, and we watched key characters uncover secrets we probably never wanted them to learn. Verna confessed to hiring CIA Becky to kill the President (well, she confessed after Olivia figured it out); Abby learned that Olivia and Fitz did the worst thing ever when they used her past, horrific experiences with abuse as a way to turn her against David; and Fitz found out that he was not, technically, the President of the United States of America. Awkward. Lots of awkward in this episode and lots of people making me sleep with one eye open, after I trusted them with my heart/with Olivia’s heart! Hai, Fitz! LMAO, omg. I am so hurt right now. Lemme try to recap the pain away.

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal:

Season 2, Episode 13: Nobody Likes Babies


1. Now That’s How You Open An Episode 

So last week was The Episode Of Hollis, and I loved it! Hollis is insane! And something told me that, even with the CIA guy hopping in the elevator to kill him, we weren’t gonna be rid of him so easily. And sure enough, Huck jumped in at the start of the episode to kinda save the day, which was a good look (since we soon found out that Hollis was, in fact, innocent of the assassination attempt on Pres).

But one of the coolest parts of this episode, was the second hit that was almost put out on Hollis– by Quinn, bitch! Quinn was sooo pissed watching Hollis get away with murder; granted, he didn’t try to kill Fitz but he sure as hell killed her boyfriend, and framed her for the bombing. When she stepped up to Huck with that envelope of money, I was cracking UP! Quinn! Now you know Huck doesn’t need no damn $5,000 to kill Hollis! He does that ish for free! Ultimately Quinn couldn’t go through with it, and I loved Huck’s speech about moving on v. seeking revenge.

Quote It: We don’t do revenge, we solve problems… You can’t have both (Huck).

2. Judge Verna Tried To Kill Fitz But They’re Totally Even Now ‘Cause He Tried To Kill Her, Except Wait No. They’re Not Even, ‘Cause He Actually Succeeded.

You know why this episode was messed up? Because when Judge Verna confessed to hiring Becky to kill the President,  I totally thought that was gonna be the worst discovery of the night. Like, seriously. I was all shocked and appalled, listening to her speechify to Olivia about how America deserved a real President, not a falsely-elected President (and that’s why she wanted him dead… OMG). I thought she was the WORST. After she confessed to Olivia, she had the President come in so she could confess to him, and tell him how everyone close to him had been a part of the stolen election. Now this was especially effed up because she was basically telling him that none of them– Olivia included– believed in him! And earlier on in the episode Cyrus had told Olivia that if Pres ever found out the truth, He wouldn’t survive knowing. It would change him, it would break him.‘ Yeah. Broken, he is. And so is my heart! Because I loved a killer! Rather than let Judge Verna confess to the public before she died. Fitz went on ahead and took matters into his own hands. Lit’rally. And that was the moment I almost tweeted some real, crazy ish to Shonda Rhimes, lol! But I’m fine now. I’m fine.

Quote It: If I’m already going to hell then, why not? (Verna)

3. ‘Husky’ Is My New Favorite Word/Abby Is The Nastiest, Baddest, Amazingest Bitch On The Planet

OMFG. So, remember in the last episode recap I mentioned that, while all the Gladiators were confessing their Olivia-related sins and secrets, nobody (i.e. Harrison) brought up the fact that Abby kinda got played? She and David went the way of DUNZO because Olivia and Harrison paid David’s ex-wife to say that he’d beaten her. They knew Abby would leave him, having been through the same thing with her ex. Anyway, she finally finds out what went down in this episode and it all started with the bobblehead. They’d been recording David (and, therefore, Abby) with a sneaky little bobblehead cam while he was at home and the results were hilarious. When the guy showed up with the recordings, and immediately recognized Abby’s voice, I almost lost it:

Abby! I recognize the voice. Husky.

And then Abby demanded that everyone bring her the, um, R-rated recordings (AKA, the ones of her doin’ the damn thang), and it was too funny. The look Huck gave her when he brought one dirty CD in was really intense; I’m sure we don’t wanna know the kind of sweet nothings Abby liked to whisper in David’s ear. But when she heard the recording of David confessing his undying lurve to her while she was asleep (duh, the dream), she knew something was up. And when Harrison confessed to doing Olivia’s bidding, she ran straight back to David. None of us were prepared for what she was gonna do when she got there, though:


#AbbyIsAMotha—- Liar

Quote It: You forgot?! (Abby)
I forgot. I got busy being tortured by the U.S. government. (Huck)
Gladiators don’t have feelings… Over a cliff, Abby. Over a cliff. (Harrison)

4. Cyrus Gets Naked With James, Then Puts A Hit Out On Him, Then Takes It Back ‘Cause That’s What True Love Is About

We’ve been watching David and James working together on the low-low over the past few episodes, and it was only a matter of time before James would have to go up against Cyrus. And voila! It went down… but it started with some good ol’ fashioned nudity. I LOST it (yeah, I lost it a lot last night) when Cyrus and James stripped down to prove to each other that neither was wearing a wire (#PoliticalMarriageProblems)! Like, for reals?! For reals?! And after James (who is the cutest stay-at-home Dad ever) said that he was going to testify, Cyrus called up Hollis’s would-be assassin and lit’rally put a hit out on his husband!


Madness… madness. But I also loved Cyrus’s speech about how deep down, he really wanted to be President. I don’t think we ever knew that or even got that sense from him, so it was really interesting to hear him talk about how it shoulda been him.

And yeah, okay. He called off the hit at the last minute, but OMG! He was really about to kill James!

Quote It: I’m fairly short, and I’m not so pretty, and I really like having sex with men, so I get to be the guy behind the President Of The United States… I’ll never be in the history books.

5. Olivia Describes Love, Kinda Sounds Like Carrie Bradshaw, Kinda Sounds Like A Masochist, Then Kinda Gets Dumped

I know a lot of you were cheering when Olivia gave the ring back to Edison (shouts-out to PITNBr YoursTruly), and I was too. When she told him what she was really looking for, and how she defines love for herself, for a second I was reminded of that moment in Sex And The City when Carrie told her Russian lover I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love. Except here’s what Olivia said:

I don’t want normal, and easy, and simple. I want… I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. Don’t you want that too?

Ummm yeah. Okay! Sure! That’s, like, one way to be in love… or whatever, lmao! I mean, I totally hear what Olivia is saying (and she sounds kinda Sufi– self-annihilating love, and all). But, Olivia, my girl, we just need to be realllly careful about how we define love for ourselves! (I’m kidding, she doesn’t have to be careful, she’s a fictional character… calm down, Shannon). Now I’m nowhere near being on Team Edison, but I was glad he spoke up and told her that she sounded like someone who’d decided that love and pain where the same thing. Sure, sometimes they are! But Olivia sounded a wee bit masochistic. And I love that Shonda Rhimes did that because it makes her characters more complex. We can’t fully fall in love with any of them because we’ve seen too much!

Oh, and then Olivia got dumped. Because love is pain, lmao!

No, but for real. Did they really have to have this make-up-to-break-up convo at Verna’s funeral?! So weird. And sooo kind of not surprising that this didn’t work out. We should have known that the moment Liv gave the ring back would be the moment Fitz was finding out about Defiance, which would be the moment he’d be done with Olivia! And now he’s gonna stick with Mellie?! WTF?! How you gon’ leave Olivia for your wife?!?!

My theory is that, now that Fitz is an effing murderer (although you could argue that this isn’t entirely true… we don’t actually see Verna die as he’s holding her down… AKA I’m secretly hoping one day they show a longer version of that scene and he changes his mind towards the end… but yeah, no, he’s a killer), he’s crossed over to the dark side. Yeah, Olivia has done some ish, but she would never look at Fitz the same way if she knew he killed Verna. His only choice is to be with Mellie, who would probably get pregnant for him (again) so fast if she knew he’d done some ish like that, lol! He’s gotta stick with someone who’ll understand him and right now Mellie is the only one who won’t ask questions. I mean, to be fair, she really is a ride or die chic, and she really is the one who keeps it real, like 100% of the time. Olivia puts on and takes off the white hat when necessary, or as she sees fit; Mellie’s all like, White hats?! Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!

Bonus YesPlease, MoreThankYou momentMellie Doesn’t Give An Eff About Dead People Or Babies

How crazy was that scene where Mellie lit’rally told Cyrus she doesn’t like babies… ’cause nobody likes babies?! LOL. She was also completely disinterested in Verna’s death and for that, we heart you Mellie.

Quote It: I will bury him. And I will dance on his grave. And then I will run for office.

R.I.P. Litzgerald… for now:


P.S. Y’all may have noticed I’m cheating like cray, by putting, like, 3 big moments under one heading, but c’mon! Was I really supposed to pick 5 moments from this episode?! Yeah, no. No way.

  • EAW

    Bravo – Well done Shannon! I also had Carrie Bradshaw flashbacks during Olivia’s speech to Edison. And thank you for the shout out – made my night! LOL @ Shonda’s tweet – I’m sure she does get some craziness! All I have to say to Shonda is….people better bow down. I wish I was a quarter as creative as that woman!

    • Shannon

      EAW, thank you!!! ‘people better bow down’ to Shonda, indeed. She has had a greater effect on my life than any one stranger should, lol!

    • EAW

      Random thought I had while viewing all the Verna in a casket shots – mad props to actors who can film those scenes. If I were them, I would be like – you are going to have to re-write this to closed casket, because I am NOT getting in there! Eeek

  • Lulu

    Ain’t no body got time fa that! hahahhaha! Mellie so doesn’t have time fa that. lol

    I can’t even put my thoughts for this episode into a tiny blurb, let alone a recap like you do. Mad respect. :)

    I couldn’t even look at the screen when Fitz was doing that. I mean really! ack!

    I was freaking OUT when Cyrus almost did that.. so so glad it didn’t happen. I would have been done. done done done.

    The only part of me that’s glad is that now there are truly no more secrets with the gladiators. I feel like I can breathe now! lol.

    • Shannon

      Lulu, the Gladiators are finally, officially, totally a family now. In this episode they all kinda proved that they’re down for the cause, so it’ll be interesting to see how their relationships pan out in the future.

      Cyrus is a madman, but at least we know he loves his boo, lmao :)

  • Aisis

    So, yeah…I’m all what the heck Fitz?!?! What the effing eff? Did I miss something or did Verna ever so casually forget to mention that Mellie was also in on Defiance and that NOT only was Mellie the most potent of gung-ho’s about the whole thing but also that Olivia, poor Liv, had to be TALKED into it?! Ok, so yeah, that was a long run-on sentence but I could barely breathe during this whole ep, so work with me here. I am so not ok with Fitz right now, like with?

    I am going to re-rewatch the ep, right now because I am just THAT confused. I knew there’d be HELL TO PAY, #helltopay when Verna saw Liv and Fitz together through the window. She is/was completely insane. How can she justifiably, cause she’s a judge and all (I see whatcha did there), have anger towards the President that SHE helped to ILLEGALLY elect, when he was none the wiser.

    Makes. No. Sense.

    And I am mad and I’m not gonna take it anymore! Wait, that doesn’t fit because I have no choice in this matter, I’m hooked on #Scandal. Hooked. Masochistically. Cuz I could stop watching…? But I can’t…? Uggghhhhhh. #whygodwhy.

    I mean, Liv just lit’rally crawled out of bed like yesterday and now this. I am so mad and so in lurve with Shonda Rhimes I just have no idea what it is I am to do until next week.

    Lol @ Shannon’s “ain’t nobody got time fo dat!” hahahahahaha!

    • Shannon

      Aisis, I was LMAO through your whole comment. To clarify– Verna DID say Mellie was involved, but it wasn’t a big moment because Fitz ASSUMED Mellie was involved as soon as he heard there was a scam. They only paused at Olivia’s name because that’s his OLIVIA, his good one, ya know? He didn’t really care about the others because he knows they’re all grimy, but Liv is his The One, his dream, his angel. Except now, not so much. But you’re right, Verna sure didn’t stress the fact that Olivia was the only one to hold out.

      ‘Hooked. Masochistically.’ BWAHAHAHA. OMG, you’re not alone, Aisis. You’re not alone ;)

    • Aisis

      So I just finished my study session of all things #Scandal (icious) and yes, Virginia there is a santa claus. Wait, that line just wouldn’t hold back, just came out of its own free volition.

      What I meant to say is, yes Shannon, you were right being the resident Scandal aficionado that you so professionally are! But sadly this is even more confusing. I get that its expected that Mellie is just THAT chick, but for Fitz to be all, “oh Mellie, do you love me?” when clearly she does NOT love him is just UUUGGHHHHHHH. He’s all Tupacalizing “I got nothing to lose its just me against the world!” over Liv and then, aaaassssss iffffffff, “all I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend” with Mel.

      Whtvs Fitz.

      Tupac would not be pleased at this non-committing mofo, just flip-flopping and ish. Can we please officially categorize this as “that ish cray of the day”. Cant believe he’s actually leaving Liv for Mellie!

      Wait. What? UUUGGHHHHHH Damn you, Shonda Rhimes and your dagnabit Jedi Mind (effs) tricks. I love you. I hate you. I feel like one of the characters, but I wouldnt be able to function properly as my only part would be an ever present omg-wtf-is-everyone-bird-and-bat-shyt-crazy face during the entire season(s). Lol

      P.S. Did anyone else notice that Mellie, after giving the baby to the nurse (lordamercy this Batch–not a typo– doesn’t even like kids) walked over to the end table and sanitized her hands?!?!

    • Karen

      Aisis! GREAT catch about the Mellie and the freaking hand sanitizer AFTER giving the nurse the baby! Totally missed that but can completely picture it and it’s hilarious. So perfect!

      This show has amazing little moments like that. My fave up until this one was when Abby went over to David’s, slapped him and then they got busy behind his couch. When she left, he sat up and *wiped his face*. In that way. Yep. So that’s what they were doing behind the couch. Another blink-and-you-miss-it moment that says so much!

    • Shannon

      Karen, LMAO. Now I’m gonna need to go back and watch that episode again. I love that scene, but I must have blinked ’cause I missed that little part, lol :)

    • Shannon

      Aisis, just stop. Stop. Because if you don’t stop, I won’t stop laughing. OMG.

      Tupac would not be pleased with Fitz and I totally get what you’re saying about him choosing Mellie. It’s a weak move; he’s staying with Mellie out of weakness, not strength… and it sucks.

      Jedi Mind tricks?!?! Quick question: have you been watching ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood?’ LMAO, OMG. You are too much.

      I CANNOT believe you caught Mellie with the hand sani! I totally forgot about that, but yesssss! As soon as the las photo was snapped she shouted ‘NUUUURSE!’ And when the nurse came, she lit’rally handed that baby over and sanitized her hands, ’cause that’s how much she doesn’t like babies!!! LMAO, classic. Thank you Aisis. Thank you.


    • Absurdist

      It’s not so much that Mellie doesn’t love Fitz, it’s that Mellie loves power MORE. She probably could have been a little more calculating as to who she hitched her wagon to. In fact, each of the conspirators could easily have jumped ship and found a candidate that was more likely to win so that they all could get what it was they were really after. Olivia felt that he deserved to be President, but as of this episode, we know what it is that each of the other conspirators was after in rigging the election. Sad that Olivia didn’t set out to fall in love with Fitz, that Fitz kinda pushed her in that direction (not to say that he had to push too hard after a certain point), but I guess their romance is collateral damage after all is said and done.

    • Shannon

      Absurdist, good point about Mellie. I agree that she does love Fitz, but it’s in that ‘Mellie’ way where she’ll destroy him if it’ll bring her power, just as she’ll exalt him when necessary.

  • Cee

    I have skipped these spoilers as I’m so far behind on this glorious show. I predict a season 2 marathon soon so I’ll be able to confer on the “YesPlease, MoreThankYou” moments.

    • Shannon

      Cee, you better catch up– ish is getting CRAAAAAYyyyyyy! LOL. Hope to see you here next week :)

    • Cee

      Away for work… at least 2 weeks away at this stage! Criminal :(

    • Shannon

      Cee, well I can’t wait for you to catch up. These last two episodes were two of my ABSOLUTE faves of the season/series. You will love!

  • Halli

    Wow, just wow…did.not.expect.that! I don’t know if I want to love or hate Shonda Rhimes…I think I do love her though. That ep was insane. INSANE! Just too many wtf and great moments but Fitz a murderer…I’m still trying to swallow that one. And Cyrus and his hit on James…yeah, I could keep going on and on.

    Shannon, keep the recaps coming…I’m addicted to them as I am the show. :)

    • Shannon

      Halli, so glad you’re enjoying the recaps! They take me forever to write, so I love when y’all join in on the madness :)

      I’m struggling with my relationship with Shonda as well but ultimately, I can’t stay mad at her… even if she is playing with my emotions!

  • rOXy

    I am writing this while squinting and looking out of the corner of my right eye because I don’t want to risk spoilery. I finished the first season and am diving into the second and will not read these recaps until I after I watch the relative eps. I love this show. Shonda is hella talented. I get the feeling that season one was tame compared to season two. The part I like, so far, is how the lurve between Olivia and Fitz takes a life of its own and becomes a character. It is so well cast. I think Kerry is so pretty to look, but her wardrobe and her script really carve out the role. She delivers the lines well and she is a great actress, no wait,she IS Olivia Pope. My favorite character so far is Huck. I am glad you turned me onto this show. I have spent much of my week thinking about it. :)

    • Shannon

      rOXy! I was hoping you’d show, lol! Can’t wait for you to get caught up. Season 1 is where you fall in love with all the characters, and in Season 2… well… you’ll see!

      LOVE that Huck is your fave! You have no idea– he only gets more lovable, lol. Hope you catch up soon so you can enjoy the recaps :)

  • nicole

    this was one hell of an episode. i mean i dont know where to start. i loved EVERYTHING about it. this show has taken one hell of a turn & love where its heading.

    • Shannon

      nicole, ‘this show has taken one hell of a turn’– I KNOW right?! I really didn’t expect a lot of this stuff to happen. There have been so many surprises, but this episode was really on a whole ‘nother level!

  • blaqfury

    As soon as the episode was over, my first thought was ‘Shannon how are you going to pick 5 moments’…lol!

    So my first episode thought… umm… how you gonna have a family photo with two of your kids missing. No wonder they didn’t bother naming the baby, they probably don’t even remember the names of their first two kids… i know i don’t…lol

    James & Cyrus scene was INTENSE… i’m pretty sure I didn’t blink at all that whole segment. Cyrus president speech gave me the sads too… c’mon America we still got a long way to go…

    Another scene that gave me the sads was Olivia’s definition of love… that just convinced me that she’s never been in love, just infatuating lust… I’m also not sure Cyrus is in love, cause how is it even an option to even have the thought to put a hit out on your baby daddy?!!? #jamesdeservesbetter He lied to protect you and you tried to kill him!!!!

    And about that “professional” hit… umm… you were gonna shoot him in the back of the head in a public place… that’s not a professional hit… i could do that! If i’m paying you mad money to kill someone, I want some mysterious unsolvable type murder… #whackassassinationattempt

    I’ve always lurved me some Mellie and still do… I think she’s misunderstood. I feel like she deserves better than Fitz, but then she does some ish (i.e. putting her son’s life in danger just to manipulate Fitz) and then I think she deserves him… So now Hollis, Cyrus, Verna and Fitz are all murders… that just leaves Mellie & Liv

    I just want to point out that many people couldn’t do what Abby did… eternal happiness vs loyalty… #props

    and last but not least… I know it was a fleeting comment, but did anybody else wonder why Verna told Fitz that she owed it to his father? What did that mean? It was so out of place, I couldn’t let it go.

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, I’m so glad you brought up what Verna said about Fitz’s Dad! The MOMENT she said that, I felt like he decided he was gonna have to kill a bitch, lol! I don’t know exactly what it means, but we know Fitz has hella Daddy issues, so I think you’re right– it’s def not insignificant.

      Your hashtags are outta control (i.e. ‘#whackassassinationattempt’) LMAO!

      I loved Cyrus’s speech too. If ever we thought differently, this show really ‘proves’ (yeah, I know it’s fictional) that the Presidential really is, in many ways, a popularity contest. Looks matter, sexuality matters, etc. Very good stuff.

      And I agree with you about Abby; you could see that it killed her to do that, and I’m still secretly hoping she and David could still be together, but this show is sooo not about relationships actually working out, lol!

    • Aisis

      OMFG, @Shannon with the whole is Fitz gonna hafta kill a batch? Father. God. I canNOT with you, I simply CANNOT!!! Most hilarious thing I have read on this ep thus far. OMFG. I am so done.

      And yes, I forget that for a second, (so I’m glad someone was thinking clearly!) but then remembered it stuck with me like, WAIT…WHAAAAAAA? But then he actually began to kill a batch…Lordamercy I cant even type it without lol’ing.

      Jesuuus, Jesus…its a faaaaaaaaaaar, and I got bronchitis, lolololol, aint nobody got time fa dat!

    • Shannon

      Aisis, LMAO! Okay, I have to keep it real about the whole ‘kill a bitch thing.’ I kinda stole that from the love of my life who def said it first. But yeah, I know. HILARIOUS, lol!


  • blaqfury

    I’m not sure why my comment isn’t showing up…#confused

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, sometimes comments randomly need admin. approval– I got you!

    • @blaqfury — Depending on comment length, word combination, url links, etc. a comment can be marked for moderation by the spam filter. We don’t delete these comments, if they are truly not spam messages, they are approved for posted asap.

  • Lulu

    Okay, I had to come back. lol.

    I can’t stop thinking about poor David. He really does get the bum deal out of everything.

    And Fitz! I’m wondering if his whole “brain injury” isn’t going to blamed further down the road for his behaviour. I have this feeling he’s turned a page over to the dark side and this is NOT the last dark act we will see from him! before he magically seeing jesus and the light once again :)
    I also think with Mellie he might be pulling an “keep your enemies closer” type thing?? Ugh.

    • Shannon

      Lulu, so glad you came back AND brought up the brain injury– it’s easy to forget that he was just in a coma. Like I said, I hope we learn SOMETHING later that helps me forgive him for this, lol.

  • Elizabeth Whitehill

    This episode….Oh My God, this episode. I dont even know where to begin. When Huck got onto the elevator….Cyrus/James nekkid talk (side note, I thought Cy was going to burst a vessel)…..Mellie’s “I’ll walk on his grave” speech….The almost hit on James….I cant even from a coherent thought

    This show keeps getting better and better, and Shannon I think I enjoy the recaps as much as I enjoy the show, keep ’em comming :)

    • Karen

      Yeah, speaking of the Cyrus/James nekkid talk… Um, did anyone else notice that Cyrus is in surprisingly good shape? Dude works out.

      Nope, no one else noticed that? It’s cool… I didn’t either. Really. I didn’t even look at either of them.

    • Shannon

      Karen!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG, I didn’t have the balls to say it, but YOU did so lemme go ahead and co-sign…. Cyrus could soooo get it in that scene!!! LMAO! I mean… he was ‘in surprisingly good shape’ as you put it. Yeah. That ;)

    • Aisis

      ahhhhhh hell, then there’s that! I was like “oh em gee, Aisis, ya big ole perv.” But really, Cyrus Bean…he was look mighty sixPACkish on that screen. Now I know why he has that young baby daddy. #word. PS. You will notice that I quote Tupac and refer to him often. Juuuust an FYI, as I see I have clearly moved in with you roomies. I like it here in #Scandalville.

      I am here to stay.

    • Shannon

      Elizabeth Whitehill, so glad you’re enjoying the recaps! It’s so much fun hanging out with y’all in ‘Scandalville’ as Aisis has just dubbed it, lol :)

  • Thomas

    This recap was AMAZING. This episode was AMAZING. Shannon you got everything and then some. The nekkid talk killed me – I thought they might even get it on at the end hahaha. This show is amazing, it moves a breakneck speed. I kinda loved that this would have made the perfect season finale if ABC had decided to keep the episode order to 13. It will make for some interesting storytelling if Shonda can keep that type of pacing. I’m so excited for the bacak nine episodes to see what they come up with!

    This killed me: Mellie‘s all like, White hats?! Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!

    • Shannon

      Thomas, lmao! I totally thought Cy and James were gonna make sweet lurve after all that testosterone was pumping through the air, lol.

      I CANNOT believe we’re only at episode 13; I trust Shonda to keep up the drama ;)

  • PearlyWhite

    Fitz a murderer? Me no likey.

    • Shannon

      PearlyWhite I talked to my bff after the episode air and she said pretty much the same. It’s very disconcerting. Like I said, I just keep hoping there’s more to the story than we know.

  • Samantha

    “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” That is all I could come up with as I fell off of my couch at the end of this episode.

    • Shannon

      Samantha, lol! I love your recap!

  • Carl

    I finally got caught up after being like 3 or 4 episodes behind….WOW! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Shonda Rhimes is a television genius. Cedar Point has nothing on the roller coasters that this woman creates with her shows!

    I mean for real, Fitz?? My heart broke. And it kinda broke for Olivia when he dumped her. Again. I’m really curious to see where things go from here because honestly, how can he come back from killing someone? And how long until someone finds out about it and uses it against him? Like maybe Sally Langston? I could totally see her having seen it and then using it against him. I think she enjoyed being president way more than she let on.

    And call me crazy, but I’d love to see Quinn get a side story of trying to take down Hollis. Perhaps we can have a Revenge crossover and Quinn enlists the help of Ms. Thorne? Okay, that might be too much, but I’d still like to see Quinn go after him! #TeamQuindsay

    • Shannon

      Carl, you know I’m a Cleveland girl (by way of Boston); why would you bring up CEDAR POINT?!?!? Aghhh!!! You’re so right– Shonda is the friggen Millenium Force of TV drama, lol :)

      LMAO @ ‘TeamQuindsay’! And I love this idea of Quinn going after Hollis, although it’d have to be in such a way that she wouldn’t lose her Gladiator sensibilities. ‘Cause yeah, then she’d be on some ‘Revenge’ ish, lol!