Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Banks, And Diane Lane Are Cast In ‘Every Secret Thing’


Y’all. We are going to have to start respecting Dakota Fanning’s gangsta. The little girl (who I’ll always think of as the voice of Coraline, and Sean Penn’s daughter in I Am Sam… even though she’s done hella stuff since then, including the Twilight sagas) is all growed up and making movies with the heavy hitters. I’d been hearing about this Sundance film Very Good Girls, and apparently she’s in it, and totally naked. Gotta love indie! And now we’re getting word that she’s starring in this crime drama with Elizabeth Banks and my girl Diane Lane (Unfaithful is still that ish). Dakota’s playing an adolescent girl accused of murder. So yeah, respect her thespian gangsta, and click inside for more!

Indiewire has the story:

Dakota Fanning seems determined to prove to audiences she’s all grown up. She apparently gets quite naked in “Very Good Girls” which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and not too long ago she signed on to play Kevin Kline’s teenage lover in “The Last Of Robin Hood.” Now she’s set for a crime drama that will once again showcase a different side of the actress who is quickly putting together a diverse slate.

Fanning has joined “Every Secret Thing” starring Elizabeth Banks and Diane Lane, with “West Of Memphis” helmer Amy Berg slated to direct. Based on the stand-alone book by author Laura Lippmann (of the popular Tess Monaghan series), the story follows two 11-year-old girls who are convicted of murdering a baby and are incarcerated until they turn 18. Upon their release, children start to go missing; as the police turn their attention to the duo, the mystery surrounding the original murder comes back to light. Fanning and Danielle Macdonald will play the girls, with Lane as one of their mothers, and Banks as a cop who is involved in the case both professionally and emotionally.

Sounds like some gritty stuff, and quite promising too. We should also add that Nicole Holofcener (“Please Give,” “Lovely & Amazing”) wrote the script and Frances McDormand is one of the producers. So for those looking for more women taking on movie gigs, here’s one written, produced and directed by a very talented team with a solid central cast. Production begins at the end of March.


Ummm, France McDormand (AKA Marge from Fargo) is involved with this?! Yespleasemorethankyou! Have any of you read these books? This plot sounds amazing! And I love, love, love this cast, so I’m thinking we can expect good things. Looks like Dakota’s gearing up for the takeover!


  • Kayla

    I read the book fairly recently, it was pretty good. I’m interested to see how the movie turns out :)

  • Jennifer Wilson

    this movie sounds creepy and great!

    and also, that reminds me, i want to see west of memphis.

  • mandylala

    I LOVE me some Dakota! I always thought of her as that little girl also. Well, up until I watched the Runaways. When I saw her & Kristen sucking face I was so confused…I had to google Dakota’s age. hahaha

  • Luna

    Diane Lane is my bitch! Excited for this movie simply cos of her!

  • jessicoco124ev

    omg live in oceanside i saw elisabeth banks today on the set of every secret thing