Britney Spears Will Reportedly Perform In A Caesar’s Palace Property In Las Vegas After All


At the start of this week we learned officially from Britney Spears’s longtime manager Larry Rudolph that she will, indeed, perform some sort of residency in Las Vegas (confirming rumors that have been running wild for the past few weeks). At the time, Rudolph maintained that an official announcement was forthcoming. We don’t yet have that official announcement but we are hearing from Extra! that Britney will, in fact, perform at one of the Ceasars Entertainment Group properties … likely, Planet Hollywood. This isn’t yet confirmed, of course, but it sure sounds awfully right :D

“Extra” exclusively confirms that Britney Spears’s Las Vegas show will in fact be held at one of Caesars Entertainment Group’s properties. Sources told “Extra” the show would most likely take place at Planet Hollywood, where “Extra’s” Las Vegas bureau is located. Earlier this week, “Extra” reported that Britney’s show was nearly a done deal, and that her team was deciding about which of two Caesar properties would be home for the show. A formal statement confirming the negotiations is in process and due to be released soon.

Now, it’s impossible to believe anything until it’s been officially confirmed but … this sounds about right. The Planet Hollywood venue has been floated around in the most recent rumors and they do have the venue ready to go. When I interviewed Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails for the first time during the Lights in the Sky Tour, I did so backstage at the Planet Hollywood venue in Las Vegas. I could see Britney taking up residency there. All of this Vegas news is very exciting but … I’m gonna hold off on making any plans until we hear something official from, well, anyone.


  • rOXy

    That second pictures makes me choke on my admiration of it.

  • Isabelle

    What if you don’t live in the US and can’t afford the trip . You just wait ? I understand the whole thing, the residency things but it seems a bit unfair to the fans of the artists who chose to do so.