Britnéy Spears Is Readying The Release Of A New Fragrance Called ‘Island Fantasy’


Last May we learned that our dear Britnéy Spears was readying the release of a “new” fragrance called Fantasy Twist (which wasn’t really new at all, just a bottle that contained two of her earlier fragrances in one package) and today we learn that she’s got a new smell in the works for us for 2013. Island Fantasy by Britney Spears is scheduled for an April release and as you can see below, it comes in a lovely green and blue bottle that follows the same design style of her Fantasy perfume line. Want to learn more about Brit Brit’s new smell smell? Click below.

Britney Spears has yet another fragrance release up her sleeves this spring, and it’s my personal favourite to date. Island Paradise was created to emulate a tropical island getaway. I was given a sample of this last week and I’m totally loving it. It’s really fresh and clean but still sweet. Very different from all eleven of her previous scents, it’s her first eau de toilette too. It’s a fruity floral with notes of jasmine, freesia and violet mixed with a fruity cocktail of citrus, mandarin, clementine, red fruits and watermelon. Undertones of soft musk and sugar cane keep the scent from being overly sweet. It’s the perfect choice for a summer holiday or honeymoon (There’s still 6 months to go till mine, but I’ve already decided that I’m taking this with me!) The bottle is a tropical blue/green version of her bestselling Fantasy range, and is available in 50ml and 100ml sizes while stocks last. This is must-smell for any Britney fragrance fans out there, but also one for those of you who haven’t been taken in by her previous scents. It’s my personal favourite of the whole collection. Island Fantasy will be available nationwide from April, priced at £24 for 50ml and £34 for 100ml.

HMMM … the British fragrance blogger quoted here really seems to love this new perfume, which is great news for Britney. As you may know, her line of fragrances has been very successful ever since she released her first perfume Curious all those years ago. With a new offering each year, Britney seems to raking in the dough. Based on the description of this new fragrance, do you think YOU’LL be adding Island Fantasy to your collection of perfumes?


  • RonRontb22

    Still waiting for a men’s cologne from Ms. Brit Brit. #pressed.

    • @RonRontb22 — My friend Bradley from MuuMuse suggests that she release a male cologne called ‘Bi-Curious’ LOL :)

    • RonRontb22

      LOL I can see the commercial for it now with “Breath on Me” playing LOL

  • Lauri

    Lovvvve all the Britney news today! And I’ve loved all of her perfumes so far, which can’t be said about all celeb fragrances. Excited. :)

  • Dezden

    Curious is still my “go to” perfume… with other Britney fragrances being backups. This bottle’s coloring is pretty!

  • Sandy!

    Aw yeah! I love her perfumes! Circus Fantasy is definitely my favorite though

  • franz

    love all her perfumes!!! i wish she could also have a sports wear line…