Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Planning A Home Water Birth For Their Baby


Ever since we saw those awesome baby shower pics, I’ve been stalking Amber Rose’s Twitter profile, [im]patiently waiting for the ‘I’m in labor’ tweet, or the ‘My water just broke… either that or I totally peed myself’ tweet. And so far, nothing. But Amber did take to Twitter to thank Ricki Lake for making The Business Of Being Born, a well-known documentary that advocates for home birth, as well as major changes in the experience of childbirth for women in America. Amber and Wiz have since decided to have a home water birth, and they both seem really excited about it. Click inside to learn more!

E! has the story:

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are excited to welcome their baby boy into their home — literally. The rapper and his pregnant love are planning a very hands-on, natural water birth at their house.

“Thx @RickiLake 4 making ‘The Business of Being Born'” Amber tweeted Saturday. “it changed my life & I’m looking forward 2 my home water birth wish me luck! Hugs :-)”

Wiz, 25, is excited to participate. “We gonna have a midwife and a doula at the crib, and she’s gonna be in a pool, and it’s gonna be like a relaxing environment, and when she’s ready she’s gonna tell me when to stick my hands down there and I’m gonna pull the baby out,” he said on L.A. radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood (as excerpted by The San Francisco Chronicle).

“I’m excited, I’m ready,” he added. “I mean I’m nervous too, but it’s a good nervous. It’s not like a confused nervous, like, ‘What do I do?'”

Amber, 29, explained she wants “to go full-throttle” with her labor. Meaning? “I don’t want no medication,” she said. “We take home birthing classes to teach us how to do it, and we’re gonna have our midwife, and when they baby’s head comes out, he’s gonna be Dr. Wiz. He’s gonna be the first person to touch the child. No doctors, no gloves.”

Amber also retweeted Ricky Lake’s response:

I watched The Business Of Being Born a while back, and it definitely got me thinking about what it’s like to have a baby in this particular health care industry. I can totally see how watching it inspired Amber to go this route. Anyway, it’s always good to have a birth plan, even if things don’t pan out exactly as you might have envisioned it– I just can’t wait to see this baby!

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  • Lulu

    Best of luck to her! I always wanted a home birth, but I have medical issues that don’t allow it. boo.

  • Serenity

    “We take home birthing classes to teach us how to do it”

    Granola-parent-to-be fail. If she was really cool, she’d know that her body doesn’t need to learn to do this because it’s an organic experience.

    • Peeks

      That isn’t true. It is important to know what will happen, and when, and what warning signs to watch for so that you can have appropriate expectations and so that you can better communicate with your birth team.

      The only “wannabes” are those who think there is a competition to see who is more granola than the next person.

      Kudos to them for being educated and for bringing their baby into this world in the most loving, intervention-free way possible.

    • Shannon

      Serenity, I can appreciate parents wanting to be prepared, especially with a home birth, which isn’t typical, at least not in our particular culture. I’ve never had a home birth and while I agree that the body does ‘naturally’ know what do when giving birth, I still understand wanting to be educated and prepared.

      @Peeks Unfortunately, there is a [ridiculous] competitive aspect to these kind of stories; you can even hear it in Amber’s talk about not wanting medication, etc., (describing it as going ‘full-throttle)’, but such are the Mommy Wars!

    • Serenity

      @Shannon I must be the only one who has hung out in certain natural birth forums, since my joke fell flat. A lot of the women who posted were very, very anti-interference/assistance, hence the remark about “Granola fail.” :)

    • Shannon

      Serenity, OMG! I owe you an apology. I definitely don’t hang out in those forums (for those exact reason) so that one went over my head… but I didn’t THINK that sounded like you, lol! If only I could have read your voice inflection or something, I would have totally caught it.

      In which case, yes. This is a classic case of Granola-parent-to-be fail, lmao!

    • Serenity

      @Shannon: No apologies necessary! LOL I shouldn’t have assumed that everybody knows about the crazy competitiveness that can go on between parents. And you did yourself a favor by avoiding those forums! I’m still boggled by the women who bragged that they were having an unassisted homebirth, and that their doctors were just trying to make money (not that that doesn’t happen, but these were women with actual medical conditions who were “putting [their] faith in [their] bodies!”)

  • blaqfury

    does it seem to anybody else that Amber Rose is going for Jessica Simpson’s title of being pregnant the longest?!?

    I swear it feels like i knew Amber was pregnant before Adele, Shakira and Gisele, but yet all of them have kids already…lol

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, LMAO! You’re SO right– we def found out about prego Amber before prego Adele and Shakira. It’s been kind of exhausting waiting for this baby, but I’m sure he’ll show up when he’s ready :)

  • Lovey Villacrusis

    first before you decide to have a home delivery you must have a doctor’s approval. not all women can have a delivery at home. aside from that, you must be prepared.. like really prepared with the materials you’ll need. and the midwife must support the perineum so she doesn’t need to have an episiotomy aka cutting that flesh between her ass and vagina. prepare the scissors, gauze, all materials must be sterilized and their hands must be clean like aseptic technique. prepare vitamin k and hep b injection for the baby. cord clamps and goose neck lamp.

    too much info here, but it is important to be 1000% prepared because they might introduce bacteria to the baby with ungloved hands.

  • Lovey Villacrusis

    she can’t really say no pain meds. some women have high pain tolerance. but it is really painful once the contractions start. she’s a primi para (1st pregnancy) and it will take long- the hours of labor. but if she’s blessed like some women who had that capacity to give birth easily even though it’s their first.