Amanda Bynes Tries To Get Into A Twitter Beef With Jay-Z


A few weeks ago we learned that Amanda Bynes went and pierced her face (apparently) and today we learn that she’s back in wacky action again … but this time, she’s randomly trying to stir up shit with Jay-Z … or something. Completely out of the blue, Amanda posted a photo of Jay’s face on Twitter and deemed it an “ugly face”. It’s unclear if she was merely commenting on Jay’s looks or if she was trying to start a beef but shortly after she posted the photo, she pulled it down. HMMM. Thankfully, nothing ever goes away one it’s been posted online so … click below to see what Amanda posted.

Amanda Bynes has landed in hot water again after tweeting a photo of Jay-Z and referring to him as “ugly.” It is unclear why the “Hairspray” actress attacked the hip hop mogul, even calling him out directly to his Twitter handle S_C, which are the initials for Hova’s real name, Sean Carter. She eventually deleted the tweet … At the moment, the once prolific tweeter has whittled down her entire account to 15 messages. She’s made no reference following the deleted tweet about the rapper but has since posted a “selfie” of herself wearing ripped jeans and an orange hat on top of tumbling blonde curls.

LOL. The girl done lost her mind, seriously. Amanda’s behavior has been so odd lately, it just keeps getting odder … but not in a dangerous way just in a weird way. From what I’ve been hearing, homegirl has been hittin’ the locoweed really hard in recent months so that explains a lot. Because she’s in NYC, her oddness has been drowned out by even more genuinely odd people so maybe she’s finally found the place she needs to be? As for this attempted Twitter beef, I don’t think anything will come of this … unless Jay’s wife Beyoncé decides to get involved and then … aw hayl naw … you don’t wanna be messin’ with this:

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  • Cee

    This broad is just embarrassing herself now.

    Go away, Amanda. Take that trash bag, Lohan, with you.

    Sincerely, humanity xo

  • Serenity

    I can’t help but wonder if she’s trying to pull a publicity stunt similar to the one Joaquin Phoenix tried (and failed) a few years ago.

    • @Serenity — LOL no. Amanda isn’t that clever, tbqh.

  • Linnea

    OMG everytime i see that pic og Bey i just fall off my chair.. It’s just so hilarious!