ALERT! ALERT! Blue Ivy Shows Her Cute Face In Public Here In LA!


Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW because the hallowed visage of the most holy baby on Earth has graced us with a peek of her precious little face. Blue Ivy Knowles-Carter was being carried to her awaiting car by her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z and a couple of very adept photographers managed to catch a glimpse of little Blue’s little face. Getting a good look at Blue Ivy is tantamount to having a unicorn sighting … but it does happen from time to time. Click below to get a look.

B-Jay and Blue are here in LA this Grammy Awards weekend and the family was spotted making their way out of a restaurant in Venice, CA called Gjelinas. As you may have heard, Jay has recently signed both Timbaland and Kylie Minogue to his Roc Nation label and both performers will appear LIVE in concert Sunday night at an event at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA. Jay and his family are here ahead of the festivities … and it was here in LA that Blue Ivy decided to give us a little peek at her face. I wish we could see more but … beggars can’t be choosers. She’s a doll, ain’t she?

[Photo credit: Splash News, WENN]

  • Shannon

    I see you Blue! The lips are insane! The eyes are insane! The face and chin area are lookin’ nice and chubs, so yes! She is adorable, lol :)

  • Chloe

    Looks like she’s got mommy’s eyes and daddy’s mouth! (Peek a blue: this is genious Trent)

  • Dezden


  • DaeDae

    Noooooooo!!! The notorious Jay-Z lips! I’m done! Nuff said!