Tina Fey And The ‘Pitch Perfect’ Director Are Reportedly Teaming Up On A New Film


Even though 30 Rock is officially DUNZO, Tina Fey’s got plenty of new projects in the works, and I expect her to keep us laughing and enjoying life for many more years. A little while back we saw the trailer for Admissions, in which Tina stars alongside the ever-adorable Paul Rudd, and now we’re hearing reports about a new comedy she’s working on with the Pitch Perfect director. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that Rebel Wilson (AKA Fat Amy, AKA Fat Patricia) will make some sort of appearance… so yeah. I’m in! Click inside for more!

Complex has the deets:

Though we’re still having trouble accepting it, 30 Rock is now over, which means that Tina Fey is free to focus on films. Her first post-NBC project? According to Deadline, it’s looking like it’s going to be a film from Universal called The Nest, which may be directed by Pitch Perfect helmer Jason Moore. Nothing is confirmed yet, but Moore – whose film Pitch Perfect ended up turning into a surprisingly major cult hit – is reportedly in deep negotiations to join the production.

Based on an original idea and script by Saturday Night Live writer Paula Pell, the film is described as a comedy that will focus on two thirtysomething sisters who discover that their parents are selling their childhood home. As a result, the two spend a last weekend together going wild, bonding, and “finally growing up.” Fey, should she join the project, would presumably portray one of the sisters.

I definitely agree with the folks over at Complex, who went on to demand that Amy Poehler be cast as the other sister, lol. How ridiculously awesome would that be?!

Who’s down for this flick? I gotta be honest… I might have watched (and posted) waayyy too many Pitch Perfect trailers or something… but… I didn’t exactly love the film. It was so weird! I was so pumped to watch it! But I already knew sooo many of the funny lines, and I dunno. It just didn’t do it for me in every scene. Still, it had its fun moments, and then there was Rebel, so I’m definitely willing to give this director another shot. And I think with Tina Fey and a Saturday Night Live writer on board, we can expect good things.

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  • ClaireMichelle

    I NEED Amy Poehler to be cast in this. Please!!

    • ClaireMichelle

      I’m sorry, was that dramatic? I just really NEED Amy and Tina in another movie. As sisters. It just really needs to happen!

  • schmee

    Amy and Tina as sisters, with a younger, chubby annoying sister from Tasmania named Amy!