The Destiny’s Child Reunion Continues With New Photos From Beyoncé’s Tumblr


Earlier this week we hilariously recapped the Destiny’s Child reunion performance at Super Bowl XLVII, and it was so much fun. Between all of your comments and Trent’s Michelle GIF, I was just done off, lol! Y’all are insane– and even though a lot of us had different opinions on Beyoncé‘s performance, we all pretty much agreed that there shoulda been more Destiny’s Child during the Destiny’s Child reunion. This week we also learned that Bey is continuing her takeover with the Mrs. Carter Show world tour, and while that’s very exciting, there’s still nothing like a DC reunion. Bey recently took to her Tumblr to share a couple of pics of the old gang. Click inside for more!

The Destiny’s Child Reunion Continues:



Cuteness, right? And Kelly Rowland continues to prove that she is a god among men, fish face and all, lol! Love seeing these ladies together again! And I can’t help but wonder if Kelly and Michelle will be making any appearances during the Mrs. Carter Show. I think that’s something we’d all go pretty cray-cray for, so here’s hoping Bey makes some room for them, lol.

Oh, haiii Mama Knowles!


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  • Linnea

    I’m gonna say this once: There’s nothing cute with Bey’s pose.. Gotta feelin that she doesn’t know she’s actually 31 in the last pic..

    • Isabelle

      I’m a bit confused…do you mean that once you’re over 30 you should stop fooling around and making faces ?

    • Linnea

      Nah, i just mean that the face she made on that pic was just.. weird .. And i felt it looked like she just tried to hard to look “like a fool” But hey, It’s just my opinion..

  • blaqfury

    sigh…. why does michelle look like the girl that “wasn’t asked to be in the pic, but jumped in last minute” on both pictures…

    your day will come boo boo…. #keephopealive

  • Sandy!

    I just can’t stop staring at Beyonce’s eye/nose area.
    It’s so…different.

    Poor Michelle. Keep on working Broadway!

  • Cee

    Heard the rumour this morning that Bey has had work done, I just don’t think we’re used to her with such flat hair! Regardless, Bey’s fabulousness will destroy any pathetic rumour, true or not haha

  • Dezden

    Who (not Tina) is with them in the last pic?? Love these though.