Kelly Clarkson Opens Up To ‘People’ Magazine About Her Engagement


Back in December we learned that popstar Kelly Clarkson got herself engaged to be married to boyfriend Brandon Blackstock. In this week’s issue of People magazine, Kelly opens about about her intense love for her fiancée and how she is completely certain that he is the one for her. Click below to see Kelly’s People magazine coverphoto (which features the singer showing off her beautiful ring) and read some excerpts from her coverstory interview.

She had never been in love before. Then, a few years ago, Kelly Clarkson finally figured out why, she says. “I was dating skinny jeans and I needed Wranglers,” the singer, 30, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. So when she fell hard for music manager Brandon Blackstock a year ago, she knew it was something special. Relaxing at their Nashville home together in December, Clarkson recalls, “Out of nowhere I just said, ‘Thanks for being an awesome guy.’ I’ve never been loved properly by a man, and I was just like, ‘I thank you so much for that.'” What she didn’t realize was that Blackstock, 36, was about to propose. “Not a damn clue!” she says. “If I did I would have worn something besides Uggs and a sweatshirt with no bra.” Now the couple is busy planning an “earthy” outdoor fall wedding at home – think yellow roses for Texas – while Clarkson also works on two new albums and preps for the Grammys on Feb. 10. “I didn’t know life could be this happy,” she says.

BLAHHHH! Doesn’t she sound SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY AND IN LURVE?! It’s hard not to be happy for her, I guess. Kelly Clarkson is one of those truly genuinely talented and incredibly nice celebrities that you just want to root for. Her success is well-earned so it’s easy to celebrate that but now that she’s found true love, well, you can’t help but be all excited for her. I honestly cannot wait to see what her wedding will be like. Since she’s talking to People now about her wedding plans, I’m hoping it’s a sign that she will invite the mag to her wedding later on :)


  • Ella

    I freaking love that quote. I was dating skinny jeans and I needed Wranglers. How many ladies out there are doing the exact same thing!!!

  • Lauri

    I’m not a real big fan of her music, but saw her live a few years ago and she totally got my respect. She always seems like such a nice, genuine person- and that ring is fantastic!

  • RonRontb22

    Love Kelly! So happy that true love has found her! Her song “Hear Me” comes to mind.
    You gotta be out there
    You gotta be somewhere
    Wherever you are
    I’m waiting
    ‘Cause there are these nights when
    I sing myself to sleep
    And I’m hopin’ my dreams
    Bring you close to me
    Are you listening?
    I want to be invited to the wedding lol

  • Kristín

    love her!

  • Megan

    Love her and love that quote, but what did they do to her face?! She’s such a beautiful girl and they chose the most unflattering picture

  • Dezden

    Ahhhh… I just love her!

  • Megan

    I love her and I’m so happy for her but I just hate that headline ‘I FOUND LOVE AT LAST’. Because we all know a woman’s life isn’t complete until she is with a man. Grrr. I know that’s People Magazine saying that and not her though.