Here Are 15 Reasons P!nk Really Is One Of The Most Underrated Artists Ever


Earlier today we saw a brand spankin’ new video from P!nk, and we won’t even get into how much Just Give Me A Reason kinda just changed my life (and possibly made me cry… but we’re not talking about that). Now here on Throwback Thursdays I try to show lurve to artists whose music (or movies) I know pretty well, but this week it’s a little different. I have never identified as a bonafide P!nk fan… but that’s all about to change. You win P!nk, you win! Right now I’m listening to her 2006 track Dear Mr. President, and yeah. She reigns. And all you bonafide fans, please feel free to put me on to any of your fave songs! These are just some of the few I picked, mostly being familiar with her big singles. Click inside for more!

15 Reasons P!nk Really Is One Of The Most Underrated Artists Ever

1. God Is A DJ
This is one of the only times in my life I can recall reading the title of a song and being totally pissed. Pissed because I wasn’t a singer, and pissed because I hadn’t written a song called God Is A DJ. This is absolutely my favorite song title in the history of song titles, lol. Oh yeah, and I rocks with the song and video too:


2. There You Go
It’s Throwback Thursday, bitches! LOL. Granted, this P!nk was definitely a product of her record label, but she was still bad ass. And this was the jam! Don’t front like you weren’t 15 and bumpin’ this. #SometimesItBeezLikeThat:


3. Most Girls
I know we’ll probably never see P!nk doing synchronized dancing like this again (or singing the word ‘shorty’), but c’mon! This was a fun time. And while I’m glad she broke away and became her own artist, you still gotta love Throwback P!nk (plus buff dudes playing the cello… was that a cello?):


4. Stupid Girls
might as well go ahead and become our first femme President, lol! Well, at the very least she can perform at the Inauguration when Hillary wins. Anyway, this was a huge song/video and it really just makes me sooo glad I have boys. It’s just… less… frightening! But, luckily, we have girls like P!nk to keep hope alive. Oh, and LMAO at faux 50 Cent:


5. Dear Mr. President

In case you were curious about whether or not P!nk ever gets political. She does. And I love this song because up until this point I thought only my favorite rappers (and rappers everywhere) wrote and sang letters to the president, lol. No, but really. Such a powerful track:


Click over for more Throwback P!nk songs to make life happy!!!

  • Lauren

    I LOVE P!nk so much. She really is so underrated.

    From her latest album, Try and Just Give Me a Reason are the definite stand-outs. You should also check out Beam Me Up (be prepared to cry).

    • Shannon

      Lauren, thanks for the recommendation. I’d just heard ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ today when I posted the video and fell in love. Looking forward to checking out ‘Beam Me Up’ :)

    • Lauren

      I’ve actually grown to love this live version of Just Give Me a Reason better than the studio version.

    • Iris B

      Beam Me Up always makes me cry. When she writes more personal/slower songs, it’s really hard for me to keep calm. Ach.

  • Samantha

    argh!! So true! Just Like a Pill (yeah, i’ve dated those guys, lol) Dear Mr. President (yup) Who Knew (yup…cause Who Knew that love didn’t last forever) and So What ( cause I’m a rockstar and I didn’t need him anyway) and Whataya Want From Me (so applies to my current love…sometimes) I love love love Pink. Her songs pretty much make up my breakup playlist on ITunes (along with Adele and Amy. lol)

    • Shannon

      Samantha, ‘So What’!!! THAT’S the one I was missing, lol. Thank you :)

      Funny you mention Adele– I read somewhere that she is obsessed with P!nk, lol!

    • E-RICK!

      “Who Knew?” is not about love in the romantic sense! The song is about her losing one of her good, good friends to a drug overdose!

    • Iris B

      That’s the most wonderful thing about her: you can take her songs and relate it to however you feel it’s best. She states in one of her live performances, that when she plays “Who Knew?” it always transforms to a new experience. One of them was for her grandmother and a pet.

      She’s just too good. All of her albums always drop at the right time to be the soundtrack of my life.

  • Brent

    Loves me some P!nk. Check out Cuz I Can from the I’m Not Dead album. So funny! Also love You Make Me Sick, Slut Like and U and Your Hand. Great post!

    • Shannon

      Brent, I keep hearing about U & Your Hand– I’m on it!

  • nicole

    i love this list of songs. it really shows how much shes grown into her own artist.

  • Iris B

    [video-embed url=”http%3A//”]

    Okay. Here I am to help:

    First off: You missed this. When the remix to “Get the Party Started” came out, I was crying on the flllooorrrr because I was NO WHERE NEAR legal age to go to a club and act a mess to the Method Man movement. (I also felt that if this song didn’t come out, there wouldn’t have been a Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” ft. Redman song. However, I digress.) :

    “Raise Your Glass” – PERFECT karokee song to start the night. I have FB pictures to prove it. Trust. Not only that – it’s another one of those P!nk songs where she tells her fans, ‘We’re geeky freaking nerds and punks – but it’s ok. I lurrrvvv yaaaa!’

    You want to talk about her dance moves? YOU NEED TO WATCH WHEN SHE DID A TRIBUTE TO JANET JACKSON in that MTV ICON Tribute, before the Nipple Gate action at THAT SUPERBOWL. P!nk performed “Miss You Much”. I’m serious. Here’s the link:

    I also cannot choose between these two bonus tracks.
    “Centerfold” – Which I will use one day against a dude.

    Good Old Days – which makes me smile

    • Iris B

      Damn my Icon and Raise Your Glass links didn’t work:

      Raise Your Glass:

      ICON Tribute:

    • Sandy!

      That remix was my JAM! Too bad I was only like 11 lol.
      P!nk is my girl!

    • Shannon

      Iris B, you went iiiiinnnnnnnnn, lol! Thank you. I MISS Redman– this remix is that ish, lol :) Give me some time to check out all these other links ;)

    • Iris B

      *Method Man should be Redman. Yeah I was so annoyed I made that typo, but I was at work typing fast lol.

    • Shannon

      LOL, I miss Method Man too!

  • Alecia

    P!nk is awesome but I think she understands not everyone has to like her music for her to be successful. I love how she just tells it like it is and doesn’t rely on gimmickry.
    And if people get stuff together she really needs to play Janis Joplin!

    • Shannon

      Alecia, yeah– I think I’m realizing that she carved out such a particular niche for herself. That’s why I call her ‘underrated’– I know she’s popular, but she’s not exactly pop.

  • Drew

    Is she really that underrated? Her albums sell by the bucketload…

    • Shannon

      Drew, well, I think she’s underrated, though far from being unknown or underground, and you’re right– she def sells records. Even though she’s got these big radio hits that most people know, I still don’t think she’d be named on everyone’s list of top 5 pop acts or maybe even top 10… but she should be! I’ve always thought of her as sort of a fun, pop singer but more recently I’m seeing her as an artist.

    • rOXy

      She deserves the title “artist” more than just about anyone out there right now. Her vids/songs are more like installments – perfect, polished and the creation of a genius mind. Like master paintings, they are open to personal interpretation and can mean so many things to so many people. She is a true modern one-of-a-kind. There is and will never be another one like her. She should be in the Louvre and the Smithsonian.

  • Megan

    I mean…wow. Seeing some of her greats put all in one post really makes you realize how amazing she is. And those aren’t even all of them! That Grammy performance was just stunning.

  • rOXy

    I have loved her forever and ever since her first album. I knew back then she was ahead of her time. These throwback songs prove that because they are still fresh even I listen as if hearing them for the first time.

  • Caitlin

    Here in Australia she is definetly not underrated! Everyone loves her here, she sells out weeks worth of shows at a time and every single is a hit. She has become an honorary Aussie.

  • Maria Ann

    P!nk for Super Bowl 2014!

    • rOXy

      Now THERE’S an idea! Who do we “talk” to?

    • Iris B

      I concur. I want to be there screaming and crying like I will for her concert this March lol.

    • Samantha

      That would be awesome! But I heard on NPR that they probably won’t have a halftime show because the SuperBowl is in New York and they don’t think anyone can put on a show in freezing temperatures.

    • rOXy

      They need to rethink that Samantha! If she can sing live while suspended, twirling upside down with water pouring over her, the cold temps in New York would be like a summer picnic for her. :)

  • LiQue

    when lady marmalade came out, i was like DAMN she is the one who is going to benefit from this, she sang her heart out and was incredibly sexy ! i love her songs trhoughout the years even though i don’t consider myself a diehard fan. BUT SHE ROCKS!

  • Devonte

    P!nk is overrated. I used to think it was corny how people would say “That song totally speaks to me”…kinda sorta do when people refer to Taylor Swift….but anyways, P!nk really does speak to me sometimes…especially Glitter In The Air…and I feel like her performances really should make people see her more…she really does work very hard at her craft and I LOVE her voice.

  • Maria

    Faithless released God is a DJ in 1998, 5 years before Pink wrote her song. So as far as song titles go, your favourite did not came from Pink’s inspiration. And, is she really underrated, considering that in the last 2 years all you could hear on the radio was ‘Raise your Glass’ and ‘Blow Me’?!

    • Shannon

      Maria, ha! Thanks for the info– had no clue about the Faithless song. I do believe P!nk is an underrated artist– even though she’s successful and has all these hits. I still don’t think her work gets appreciated everywhere as it should. Not that awards are everything, but I was surprised to see she’d only won three Grammys and I just think (between her lyrics and style) she’s way more brilliant than we give her credit for being– this applies to me as well! True fans, like many of you, do understand her worth.

  • Leenis85

    Just had to hop on and say: how has no one mentioned the U+Ur hand video? The song lyrics are badass feminism at its finest and almost LOL funny. And the video is sooo fun, stylish and sexy! That all white scene with the sparkly bodysuit? Get outta here! One of my fave P!nk moments for sure!

  • Diana

    OMG Stupid Girls “I wanna be skinny!!!” I forgot that song existed. I love it. Love her.

  • MJ

    Shannon, can I ask you a favor? Can you list the names of the songs as well when you do these? Only ask ’cause I love these posts, but um, well, any YT link/embedded vid is blocked at work (shhh…don’t tell on me!) and I can’t see them….I’d suggest songs, but I have no clue what was posted. :)

    • Shannon

      MJ, thank you for this great idea! Just updated the post with song titles for each video and a final ‘Throwback Thursday Playlist’ on the final page, listing all the songs.

      Promise not to snitch on you, lol :)

    • MJ

      You rock! :)

  • Becca

    Watchin Lady Marmalade again totally made me think P!nk and Christina should work together again! Their voices are like made for eachother!

  • Phizpop

    Yeh, definitely a P!nk fan here. I kinda prefer rockir P!nk… Save My Life, Waiting For Love, Humble Neighborhood… yeh basically the whole Try This album.

    Also, just watched this performance and the vocals always slay me…

  • janaegal

    Oh I love me some Pink. I want to hang out with her and just have her sing “Who Knew” and “Misery” all day long to me.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i do like pink, but is she as awesome as courtney love? hahaha. just kidding, just kidding!

    i really appreciated her personal songs, like family portrait. that and just like a pill were such a great balance to get the party started. its clear pink has a lot of depth in her songwriting. she is a great example of how being yourself, your authentic self leads to happiness and success.

  • Donny

    Love P!NK! She is amazing live. Her last tour is in my top 10 shows of all time.

  • Danny

    Always been a huge Pink fan. I agree she’s overlooked in a lot of ways. But that’s kind of what I find appealing about her. Here is one of my Fav live performances of hers. I Don’t Believe You – on Oprah

    • rOXy

      I agree that even Pink herself isn’t upset that she is “overlooked”. I think it works better for her to be in her own corner rather than in the pack with all the rest of the “stupid girls”. She is an original and will not bow down to cookie cutter standards. She expects more from herself and pushes herself to the edge of the outer limits and sometimes even goes beyond. She realizes to make her mark, she has to imprint on mainstream so she stays within its margins in order for grasp a wider audience.

  • Dezden

    She’s one of my top 3 artists… LOVE her in so many ways. I love this post too!!!

  • Debbie West

    NO ONE EVER has described “Love” as perfectly as Pink does in the song “The Truth About Love”. And NO ONE has ever described exactly how it really is to be in love with someone like Pink does in the song “True Love”. She is definately underrated!! I went to her concert at Staples Center in LA on Feb 16, 2013 and OMG it was amazing. Best show I have ever seen in my life!! Ooomm to the Pink!! There is no one like the Pink-one!! Oooomm!!!

  • Megan Smallworlds

    Wow! This was from a very long time ago, although I’m still going to comment, lol.
    I love P!nk She’s been my idol and role model ever since I knew what music was!!
    I do think that P!nk deserves more fans in the U.S. She is very popular in Australia. Even though most prefer other artists in the U.S., P!nk doesn’t take it offensive. P!nk is now known as P!nk & Alecia Moore (I find both her folk and pop music AMAZING)
    Anyways, #tbt is today (March 19, 2015. Thursday) so throw back Thursday to the whole “Can’t Take Me Home” album, “Missundaztood” album, and one of my favorite songs “Are We All We Are” – there’s such a powerful message behind that song.
    My mom always said,” Hey, if you’re gonna have an idol, I’d rather it be P!nk than one of those clueless pop stars.” ☺️ I love every pop star, but P!nk will always be #1