Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Releases Justin Bieber Promo Videos


This weekend, popstar Justin Bieber will do double duty as guest host AND musical guest on Saturday Night Live and right now we get our first look at The Beibs in SNL action. NBC has released his set of SNL promo videos, which are an attempt to give us a preview of his appearance on the show, and … well … the promos speak for themselves. Click the embed above to get your first taste of JB on SNL and see what you think. Keep in mind, Bieber can only work with the material that the SNL writers give him so … apparently, the folks at SNL think that googly-eye glasses are comic genius. HMMM.

  • Jake

    While some of the hosts have suffered through horrible writing, deserving better (J-Law), sometimes the writers are also only able to do what the host can handle. I have a feeling this might not be solely the writers’ faults this time.

  • Super Girl

    Is it just me or is Justin starting to look more and more like Vanilla Ice?

  • Carmi

    NOT looking forward to it.