Watch: David Beckham Stars In A Short Film For David Beckham Bodywear Directed By Guy Ritchie

The Morning Commute
Short Film directed by Guy Ritchie

As you may recall we got to see a couple of new photos of David Beckham modeling some new pieces from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection from David Beckham Bodywear by H&M. Today we get to see a NEW SHORT FILM that was directed by Guy Ritchie and features a very cheeky Becks running all over LA in his underwear. As you might guess, it’s a terribly effective way to market his clothing line. Not only is the video sexy but it’s also incredibly funny and smart. I’ve already watched it a few times, I think you’ll do the same. Enjoy!

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  1. ..and my day is complete.

  2. ……………….

    It is unfair to humans everywhere that just one man was blessed with so much gorgeous perfection. Not that I am complaining.

  3. This is my favorite thing..EVER! And I have a kid! Not sure what that says about me but whatever..

  4. t*

    so hot…would it be bad if I watch again and again!

  5. Mihai

    my God, if I were Posh, I’d be grinning like an idiot 24/7…that man is delicious!

  6. Sheens

    I don’t get it. Isn’t getting a wedgie a bad thing? Why is he advertising his underwear likes visiting crack nation?

  7. Sergeja

    Oh, so that news about how some Hollywood tour group cought him during a photoshoot while stoping in front of his house a few months ago was actually no news at all, it wass all planed. And we ate it all up and got jealous of their luck …

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