‘Beautiful Creatures’ Star Thomas Mann Covers ‘Bello’ Magazine


The new issue of Bello magazine is out and featured on the cover of this month’s Hollywood issue is actor Thomas Mann, one of the stars of the new supernatural film franchise Beautiful Creatures (based on the book series of the same name). I actually became a fan of Thomas when I saw him in the insanely ridiculous 2011 film Project X. I missed seeing that movie in theaters but I’ve watched it on cable a few times. I have to admit, I’m really intrigued by Beautiful Creatures … any film that stars Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis and Emmy Rossum has got to be worth seeing. In any event, tho, this post is about Thomas … click thru the gallery to see some photos from his Bello spread (shot by the hugely talented Aleksandar Tomovic) and click below to read some excerpts from his coverstory interview.

On his Beautiful Creatures character: Link is Ethan Wate’s [Alden Ehrenreich] best friend since childhood. He’s definitely one of the good guys. He and Ethan share the same resentment towards their religiously extreme and socially conservative town of Gatlin, South Carolina. He’s a funny, and relatively naive guy, which I think makes him an easy target for Ridley [Emmy Rossum], who uses her sexuality to seduce him into a sort of trance.

On whether or not he’s ever been under someone’s spell for real: Not that I know of. I played with a ouija board once. Once is enough.

On how he celebrated his 21st birthday: Everyone kept telling me to go to Vegas, but that just didn’t really appeal to me. There’s definitely too much pressure to do something amazing for your 21st, and I wanted to do something different, so a group of friends and I rented a house in Joshua Tree for a weekend. We all split the cost. It was a success.

On his relationship with social media: I actually don’t have a Twitter … And to be completely honest, yes, I’m pretty afraid of [social media].

It sounds like Mr. Mann is a really down-to-Earth kind of guy. While Project X was a fun movie, it really wasn’t the vehicle for him to show off his acting prowess. I can’t wait to see him in action in Beautiful Creatures. Do yourselves a favor and pick up this issue of Bello magazine HERE to see more of and read more about Thomas Mann.

  • Courtney Bryant

    I just picked up the Beautiful Creatures book today. Have you read it? ( I was getting the new Chicagoland Vampire book so decided to get this too)

    I have been loving the Beautiful Creatures trailers! Can’t wait to see it.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    i really liked the book and am looking forward to the movie.

    when i read the book i pictured link as a black guy though, so this kid is blowing my made up beautiful creatures world.