Yoda Is Reportedly Getting His Own ‘Star Wars’ Movie


Last month we learned that Star Trek director JJ Abrams signed on to direct the next Star Wars film, Episode VII but today we learn that another, different Star Wars movie is in pre-production. According to Ain’t It Cool News, plans are in the works for the first theatrical Star Wars film to center on an individual character. This first stand alone Star Wars movie is reportedly going to center on Jedi master Yoda. Part of me is all YAY! about this news. But another part of me is … kinda worried.

Disney and Lucasfilm are reportedly working on a Star Wars movie that will revolve around Yoda. The supposed existence of the project, which would be a separate offshoot from JJ Abrams’s Star Wars: Episode 7, was revealed by Ain’t It Cool News. It is unclear if the stand-alone Yoda movie will center on the character before or during the events of George Lucas’s two previous Star Wars trilogies. Zack Snyder was rumored to be working on a Star Wars film based on Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, but quickly moved to shut down the rumor. Star Trek director Abrams signed up to helm Episode 7 last month, with new Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy serving as producer. Toy Story 3’s Michael Arndt has written the screenplay, while Lucas will be involved in an advisory role. Disney initially planned to release the movie in 2015, but Abrams allegedly hasn’t committed to that date.

OK … so … Star Wars: Episode VII is definitely happening, we know this. There has been much talk about at least one other Star Wars movie that is being planned, the rumored one that was supposedly attached to director Zack Snyder. Now we are hearing about this other, third movie that will supposedly center on Yoda. The initial reaction might be, YAY! So many Star Wars films! But another reaction to this news could be, Ugh! Too many Star Wars films! I think part of what makes the Star Wars film franchise special was that they were unique … and few. The original trilogy is sacred in the minds of the loyal fans. When the new trilogy was created, I personally feel some of the Star Wars specialness was dissipated a bit. Now with this new crop of movies, seemingly all over the place … well, I’m a bit concerned. We don’t know what the Hell is going to happen so it’s prolly to early to freak out but … time will tell if this supposed push to flood the market with more Star Wars stuff will help or hurt the franchise.

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