Watch: Depeche Mode Returns With A New Single Titled ‘Heaven’


A couple of weeks ago we learned that the classic 80’s band Depeche Mode are BACK with a new album titled Delta Machine, due out on March 26. Today we get to see the just-released music video for the band’s first single from their new album, Heaven. The song is a slower jam but it deffo has that DM feel and sound. I like the video but it’s not one that really grabs me … the guys look great, tho! Still, it’s great to have new stuff from Depeche Mode and I am REALLY looking forward to hearing more. Enjoy!

  • cupcakes in the pocket

    i love them. forever and evaaa

  • Laura

    I went through a I’m-listening-to-nothing-else-but-Depeche Mode phase when I was 15. Beginning of a life long love affair.

  • Astrid

    Love Depeche Mode. So much. Between them and Erasure, I have happy earworms all the time.

  • Joel Foreman

    I’m a little disappointed. Their is a remix on the EP that sounds better. And the B-side is pretty good :)

  • Elyse Howdershell

    Here’s the pre-order:) Don’t know if pre-ordering it made the wait easier…or harder ha