Victoria Beckham Confesses That She Misses LA


Now that we know that David Beckham is getting settled a bit back in Europe, one might wonder how wife Victoria Beckham and her children are faring now that Les Beckhams have left the US to live again in England. Vicki B. revealed during a chat with Elle magazine readers on Facebook that she, in fact, misses LA … but makes it clear that she and her children are happy to be back in England. HMMM.

Last week her husband signed a new football contract with Paris St Germain, as their children settled back into life in Europe. But despite the Beckhams’ latest adventure, Victoria has revealed she is missing her family’s former Stateside home, not to mention the Californian sunshine. However the 38-year-old did admit that she’s looking forward to spending time in both London and Paris as she took part in a live Facebook chat on Monday for ELLE. Answering questions sent in by her fans, Victoria did well to cover an array of topics ranging from styling tips to how she balances motherhood with her career. Replying to a query by Amanda Bergen that read: ‘I heard that you left the US and moved back across the pond to London…do you miss it?’ Victoria wrote: ‘I miss LA! I love America and am very excited to be in New York for Fashion Week, but I’m enjoying spending time in London. The boys are loving their new schools and we’re all very excited about also spending some time in Paris over the next few months!’ Currently in New York for Fashion Week alongside her 19-month-old daughter Harper, Victoria is gearing up to show off her main collection. Speaking to new mother Monika about how she juggles her hectic career with raising four children, Victoria confessed her ability to do so is down to strict planning. She said: ‘Every mother struggles with balancing work and a family. I focus and plan really thoroughly.’ The original WAG even told of how her little girl is used to having her hair styled with the help of various hair clips and bands.
She said: ‘Harper has always had very long hair so has been used to it being pulled back to keep it out of her eyes since a very young age. Victoria then went on to reveal that as of yet she has no plans to make a range for children, she continued: ‘I’m often asked about a children’s clothing line, there are so many great brands already doing this – I would never say never though!’ Victoria also gave another fan, who goes by the name of Rodney Garza, advice on the tools needed to break into the fashion industry. She told Garza: ‘Work hard, follow your heart and stay true to yourself!’ And choosing three words that best describe herself following a request by Camélia Di-Maccio, the chosen trio were ‘mother, wife, designer’. The Spice Girl was joined by Harper as she prepared to get the chat under way, excited Victoria tweeted: ‘Hi everybody! I’m here at my computer in New York with Harper on my lap ready to answer all your questions!’ And once all the questions were answered, she wrote: ‘Thank you to @ELLEUK for hosting the chat and thank you for all your questions, it was fun chatting to you all! X vb’.

I will always maintain that Victoria Beckham is best when she’s being interviewed. Her charm and warmth shows through when she is answering pointed questions. In regards to missing LA, I mean … duh! It’s amazing here. Sadly, she doesn’t miss it enough for the family to have to stay here so … BLAH! BUT as much as I love Les Beckhams here in LA, it just makes sense for them to be in London. It’s not too far to fly to NYC for fashion stuff and, well, Becks INSISTS on remaining a professional soccer player so … good for them. I guess.


  • kendra

    I wish this family would adopt me..But it might make it awkward when I seduce David..