The ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ House Is Up For Sale


Great news, horror movie fans … the house that was used in the classic 80’s horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street is up for sale. The bad news is that the house is listed for $2.1 million bucks. I actually live about 2 miles from this house and it looks pretty sweet in person, from the outside. I understand the interior is much different than the interior featured in the film but … who cares? This is the house that dreams are made of ;)

Almost thirty years after Freddy Krueger first invaded the dreams of attractive youngsters in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, the house which served as the film’s primary location is officially on the market. Rodeo Realty is handling the sale, and has listed the property at $2.1 million. Technically, only the exterior of the house appeared in Elm Street, so even if you’ve seen the movie a hundred times, you’ll still be surprised to discover the Caesar stone counters, the Bertazzoni stove, the center island, and all the other amenities in the property. Indeed, you might almost say that that it is a dream house. But if you aren’t careful, that dream might just become…a nightmare. Anyhow, hope you enjoy living there, Richie Rich.

Ok … so maybe it would be a wee bit creepy to live in this house but part of me thinks it would be SO COOL to say this is your home … even tho it’s not actually located on Elm Street. As you may recall, the NYC brownstone that was used as Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex and the City went up for sale in March of last year … and was sold about a month later. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Elm Street house sold just as quickly. So … any takers? Would YOU like to live in this home?


  • Katy

    Let’s all of us PITNB readers go in together. Then we can take turns sleeping, as is appropriate in this house.

  • swile71

    If the doorbell chime is “1, 2 Freddie’s coming for you…” then I’m in.