Mario Lopez Loses A Super Bowl Bet, Pays Up In His Underwear


Mario Lopez and his Extra! co-anchor Maria Menunous like to bet on Super Bowl games. Last year, Mario won and Maria lost … so she had to go bikini-clad in Times Square in chilly NYC. This year, Mario lost so he had to go bikini-clad here in warm LA. I’d say that Maria got the short end of the stick but once you see Mario making good on his bet in the photos below, I think you’ll agree that we’re the ones who won this bet :D

It’s too bad (for Mario Lopez) the Ravens won the Super Bowl, although his fans might disagree. The muscled television host paid up on his bet Baltimore would lose to the San Francisco 49ers – by streaking in his underwear and a Ravens helmet. But Lopez, 39, didn’t seem to mind much as his muscles tensed up in the chilly Los Angeles weather, laughing as he earned an audience at shopping hotspot The Grove. The former Saved by the Bell star wore purple Y-fronts, matching trainers and little else for the run while filming celebrity news programme Extra. He was a good sport as co-host Maria Menounos giggled in the background, fully clothed in a pink peplum dress and nude heels. Lopez took to Twitter on Tuesday to let fans in on the gag. ‘Ready.. Set… GO!!! Paying off my Super Bowl bet on @extratv Thank God for my @RatedMOfficial!’ he wrote, attaching a series of pictures of himself disrobing and sprinting down a cobblestone walkway. Crowds parted for the star, who was pictured laughing behind his face mask on the run. The Ravens beat the 49ers last Sunday after a nail-biting second half at New Orleans’ Super Dome, with a final score of 34-31.

You gotta love a man that doesn’t reneg on a bet. Something tells me that Mario didn’t mind too much that he had to show off his skivvies in public … no sir, not one bit.


  • apriljan


  • aubrey

    And let’s gooooo, RAVENS!!! ;-)
    (One good thing came after the loss, Niners fans…)

  • Katy

    Holy crap! Is he injecting steroids straight into his quads? They look, like they are about to give birth.

  • miguel

    Ewwww. His stomach area looks so weird. I’d rather have a man who eats a sandwich every now and then.

    Mario Lopez – please keep your shirt on. His butt looks cute though…

    • Mark

      I agree. I think he is really good looking and in awesome shape, but why does his skin look so weird? Is that because he has so many muscles?

    • miguel

      My guess is he probably has very low body fat percentage…but still – he looks like that one muscle model/figurine in my Biology classroom.

  • Jessica

    The bet should’ve been he had to go out in public with no makeup or gel in his hair! This is the guy whose Christmas card had him in his undies. He loves to show off his body

  • Dezden

    Wow… unreal!