Hillary Clinton Launches A New Website, Stirs Speculation Of A Presidential Run


Now that Hillary Clinton is no longer our nation’s Secretary of State, many folks are wondering if she is planning a bid for the office of President of the United States when the next election is held in 2016. President Barack Obama will not be able to run for president again after he finishes out his second term so the field is wide open for an ambitious Democrat to lead the party (er, sorry Joe Biden). Thus far, Hillary has made it clear that she has made no decision to run for President … but yesterday, she launched a new official website that has some folks speculating the site is her first step towards a presidential run. HMMM.

If a picture says a thousand words, some may be reading this one as “Hillary Clinton 2016.” An attention-grabbing photo of Clinton – without the glasses she has worn since her recent concussion – boldly sits atop a new website, HillaryClintonOffice.com, which was registered as she left her post as secretary of state last week. Only further stirring the speculation: visitors to her old campaign website, HillaryClinton.com, are offered a link to the new website “to reach the Office of Hillary Clinton.” The new online presence is sparse: besides the attention-grabbing photo, there’s a form to contact Clinton and the site’s privacy policy. While the purchasers of domain names are generally available publicly, this site was purchased through a service allowing the purchaser to remain anonymous. Even though the next race for the White House is a long way away, there’s already intense speculation over whether Clinton will make a second bid for president. When asked last week at a global town hall if she was thinking of making another run for the White House, Clinton said “I am not thinking about anything like that right now.” And in an interview with CNN later that day, when asked if she’s decided against another candidacy for president, Clinton responded that “I have absolutely no plans to run.” But she added that “I am lucky because I’ve been very healthy. I feel great. I’ve got enormous amounts of energy that have to be harnessed and focused, so I’m very fortunate. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life, whatever it is” … Clinton’s returning to private life with some poll numbers any politician would love. Nearly seven in ten in an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted last month said they approved of the job she was doing as America’s top diplomat. And two-thirds in an ABC News/Washington Post survey also conducted last month said they had a favorable impression of her.

Oh yeah, a picture is deffo worth a thousand words and this one speaks volumes. As you may recall, I was a huge supporter of Clinton when she ran for president in 2008. I supported her thru the primary season when she ran against Obama for the Democratic nomination. I will HAPPILY climb aboard Team Hillary again if she decides to run … and I think she is planning to run, for real. This is a beautiful photo of Hillary Clinton but more important than that, it is a strong and confident photo. It says to me, HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?!? HAHAHA, no really … it says to me that this is a woman that has achieved so much in her life that she would have cemented her place in US History if she were to retire to private life … but I refuse to believe that the woman featured here is even close to retirement. This might be the first “official” photo of our next president, y’all. The thought of that historic accomplishment fills me with chills right now. 2016 is still a long way off … but all presidential runs have to start somewhere :)

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  • Laura A. Ferreira

    I love her. I would be 100% with her if she ran. I was her supporter in ’08 throughout the primaries as well. It would be a dream for her to be President. But I’m trying not to get my hopes up in case she does decide that it is time to retire to private life….I know this website is a great sign….but I’m not convinced based on her responses in interviews….

    • @Laura A. Ferreira — “I’m not convinced based on her responses in interviews”

      Honestly, all politicians SWEAR they’re not running right up to the day they announce they are running. It’s the game. We’ll know in a year if she’s gonna run, my guess is that she will :D

    • Laura A. Ferreira

      Haha that is true good point….I really hope you are right…I would be so thrilled/excited!!

    • Ashley

      Totally agree with you. I to was a supporter in 08 and donated to her campaign whatever I had. But I’m not getting my hopes up either. In the beginning they said Hilary would get the democrat nomination but look how that turned out. I suppose it was good since the world love her now and it showed not even a blood clot can stop her from doing her job

  • LiQue

    I’m not an american, and i live far away in central america, but this woman is an inspiration to me, her drive, her ambition, her success, i truly believe she will be the first woman ever to be elected as President of the US, and even though i can’t vote in your elections I’m team hillary.

  • Meghan

    She gonna run. I know she is. She has done a lot for this country in the last four years and it is time for her to step up and run. In my experience ALL politicians deny that they will run for President until they announce it. Except maybe Sarah Palin and Donald Trump who are forever threatening to run for President!

  • Karen

    That is an awesome picture of her! It will be interesting to see what she does over the next 2 years before announcing a decision. I believe her that she hasn’t decided yet and just wants a little bit of rest finally, but I’m sure she wants to keep the door open.

    I’d LOVE for her to be president, though I kind of dread another campaign…vitriol toward her can really get to me! But it would be a dream come true to see her be president. Any democratic woman, really, but most especially her.

  • VV

    Run, Hillary, run!

  • emily

    YES!!!! I was scared in 08 b/c even though I loved her, I knew she couldn’t win (too divisive a candidate … the vitriol!) Since McCain/Palin was too scary a thought to process, I supported whichever Dem had the best chance of winning, which was Obama. Now, 2016 is a completely different field … I think there would be less hate against Clinton this time because in ’08 she was only known as Senator and failed health insurance advocate. Now, with her undeniable success as Sec’y of State, she has a lot more power behind her campaign. Bring it Hillary 2016! We’re with you!

  • rOXy

    I think she will keep her options open and see how the political landscape is developing before she makes any decisions or announcements. Perhaps this site is a bookmark for her presence. I am sure she will be an in-demand speaker and advisor and there has to be a point of contact for interested parties. If anything, this tells me that she isn’t going away and has no plans to ride into the sunset.

  • Maureen

    I am a Canadian but I would like to see Mrs. Clinton run in 2016 for the presidency of the United States. She is a very smart lady with experience as first lady, senator and secretary of state .

  • Luna

    I ain’t American but I love the Clintons! Hillary SHOULD run.