Doin’ The ‘Cha Cha’ With Adriana


Last night was pretty fun for a Monday night. I met up with Adriana for a dinner/hang session after many months of trying to figure out our schedules. Now that she’s unemployed, her schedule works much better for me so … yeah, we got to hang and have fun. First, we grabbed dinner at Pazazz! Sushi and then we made our way to The Cha Cha Lounge for drinks and fun. I always have fun with AY, last night was no exception.

As you can see, we had fun with the photobooth at Cha Cha but we also spent a lot of time talking, catching up. We are both very excited that our BFF Sarah is COMING BACK TO LA for a visit next month so … WEE! Adriana and I have big plans for that weekend so a blast will be had, for sure.

Tonight, I’m meeting up with Tamar for a long overdue dinner so … I’m really looking forward to that. It’s cloudy and gloomy here in LA today so if y’all could send some sunshine my way, I’d be much obliged :) Happy Tuesday!

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  • mandylala

    Sorry, can’t send any sun from Maryland. It’s cloudy, cold, and switching back and forth from drizzling to flurries all day. Sending you positive vibes for another fun night, tho! :) I’m staying in eating chicken cheese steaks & drinking a rum and coke….or two ;)

    • @mandylala — “I’m staying in eating chicken cheese steaks & drinking a rum and coke….or two”

      OMG, I coming over ;)

  • Cee

    It’s going to be 41C at the peak of the day, Trent, it’s awful. Far too hot! How about I send a smile in stead? :)

  • Jennifer Wilson

    oregon had only a moment of sun, so i took it for myself… you understand….

    i am really happy to see adrianas face! it feels like forever since weve seen her. im glad you got to catch up with a dear friend.