Watch: Here Are 10 Important Life Lessons From Beyoncé’s Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show


So, it happened. Last night Beyoncé took over the Super Bowl and lit’rally shut it doooowwwwnn. Like, the electricity and e’rything!!! And now that we know Mrs. Carter is going on her world tour, we can re-live and re-lurve the days when she was just doing a silly little Super Bowl performance. I warned y’all earlier that any recapping of the Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child Super Bowl Half-Time performance would focus heavily on the Kelly Rowland aspect of things, so I hope you’re ready!!! No, trust me. You’re not, lol. Click inside for more!

1. Fire is officially the coolest element. You need to get you some fire:


2. Ummmm, luvya Bey. But you’re gonna need more Jay-Z! I was really, really disappointed in the lack of Hov’ during the Crazy In Love performance. So much so that I started fantasizing that maybe she was waiting to perform Upgrade U and then she’d bring him out but yeah. No. It would have been soooo cool. But anyway, he was there so I guess that works too:


3. You know you’ve achieved some sort of inhuman perfection when no one can tell the difference between the real you and the hologram you. Congrats Beyoncé. Luvyabitch:


4. You need you a friend who slays on guitar:

5. When in doubt, just scream:


6. Kelly Rowland Is A Friggen God Among Men And We All Need To Bow Down:


7. No. Really:


8. Kelly Rowland:


9. Is A Friggen God Among Men:


10. And We All Need To BOW DOWN:


Some other fun facts. My bff totally cried at the end when everything went Blue [Ivy] during Bey’s performance of Halo. I didn’t cry ’cause I missed that whole reference, posting about Kelly Rowland on Facebook:

They’re all in dominatrix gear but Kelly’s the only one who really looks like she’d put u over her knee. #TeamKelly

That is all.

  • I may get some flack for this but … I was really underwhelmed with B’s whole show last night. It was good but it was not great, not even close. I hated her stage, I found the setlist lacking, not enough DChild and NO Jay-Z? No. I just don’t understand. Madonna’s performance last year was SO OVER THE TOP that I found myself pretty disappointed in what Bey’s show was not. Now, her UK tour announcement video?

    THAT’s what she should’ve done last night. Come out like Queen B, shut the damn thing down. Again, don’t get me wrong, her performance last night was good but unfortch for me, it wasn’t spectacular enough for me to be entirely impressed.

    THAT SAID, I can’t wait to see Bey on tour. I’ll be there for sure.

    • Shannon

      Trent, I hear you. I mainly thought it was too short– and totally agree with you on the lack of Jay-Z and minimal DC. But I also haven’t seen a TON of Super Bowl performances in my lifetime, so I thought it was fun.

      And Johnny said the same thing about Madonna’s performance V. Bey’s, lol! So yeah, you can see why I chose to focus on KELLLLLLLYYYYYY!!!!

    • Joan

      She didn’t seem to sing a song for more than 30 seconds straight. I think that contributed to the show feeling particularly being short-length. I wasn’t completely happy with the song selection at first, up until DC popped on stage. The Single Ladies bit was my highlight. And, yes, KELLY ROWLAND! I was all like “EVERYBODY STOP AND LOOK AT KELLY ROWLAND’S ARMS”

    • Britney’sBitch

      I was never a Bey fan but I was always a DC fan so I agree with pretty much everything here. I love 6 thru 10 ;)

    • Shannon

      Britney’sBitch, don’t tell anyone, but I ONLY made this list for 6-10, lol ;)

    • Jessica

      I agree with you 1000%. Everyone is talking about how great it was and It was very underwhelming and poor song selection and Destiny’s Child was not used to the best of their abilities. And she ended with Halo??? REally??????

    • Phizpop

      There’s only one queen and that’s Madonna, bitch!

      Seriously though, I thought Bey was good but nothing even came close to the epicness of last year

      Although Michelle getting thrown out of that trap came close…

    • nicole

      @Trent – OMG that gif just made me day lol

    • Ashen

      Not even gonna lie, I was so bored in the beginning of her performance I wanted to change the channel. Only thing that kept me hanging on was the DC reunion.

    • @Ashen — THIS. I said the exact same thing while watching yesterday.

    • DJ

      TOTALLY agree with you, Trent. I have loved Beyonce for over a decade and the woman is talented beyond all comprehension. But that show was kinda eh. I did, however, like the staging, I thought it was kinda cool.

      But everything seemed too rushed and jammed in there. Madonna and the rock bands do it right – pick 3 or 4 (SuperBowl audience) crowd pleasers (End of Rime?? Really???) and do them in their almost entirety. Beyonce and DC did 8!! That was such anMTV VMA performance

      And if you’re not gonna sing your choruses and choose instead to just dance, then don’t sing at all. It’ was so distracting to hear backing tracks for almost 45 seconds.

      And while I love seeing the DC gals back on stage together, what a waste. I think it would’ve been better if it was just the Queen B.

      And while Halo, an awesome song, was a great choice to end with… she was just on ONE side of the stage looking at people on the field. Three was no big ending moment.

      Still, I love the woman to death. She looked absolutely gorgeous last night. Can’t wait to see her on tour. And hope the album is more Fierce than 4 (terrible record).

  • PS: Kelly Rowland has never, ever looked better in her life. Now SHE blew me away.

    PPS: Michelle Williams once sang in the DChild song ‘Survivor': “I”m not gonna compromise my Christianity”. Well, Michelle is a DAMN LIAR! Telling us the DChild thing ain’t happenin’ just to further hype their reunion. Tsk Tsk.

    • Shannon

      Trent, you know I revoked Michelle’s Christian card a while back, lol!

    • @Shannon — It really needed to be done. Damn heathen :/

    • Joan

      haha, I immediately thought about you, Trent!

  • Gillian

    Kelly looked AMAZING! Perhaps that’s why Bey had Kelly and Michelle’s mics turned DOWN LOW?

    • Shannon

      Gillian, LMAO! Even the Queen doesn’t want it with Kelly!!! Agh!!!

    • Steph

      This was the first thing I noticed, why in the world were their mics so low? And then they sing a Beyonce song (instead of more DC) and then she just tells them to leave the stage? I found B’s attitude totally disrespectful towards the girls.

    • Gillian

      I could not agree more. DC was the shizz back in the day. Without them Beyonce wouldn’t be what she is today. With that being said I WANT a DC reunion- but I don’t think it will truly happen. Bey has a serious case of me-itis. She doesn’t know how, nor want to share the spotlight again. Especially now. Look at Kelly!! She has gotten even more beautiful with age, can sing, dance, and toss her weave around looking hot while doing it too! Compared to her, beyonce looks like an overdone selfish brat. Show your former band members some respect. PLEASE. Lord knows they’ve earned it.

    • Gillian

      @ steph I could not agree more. DC was the shizz back in the day. Without them Beyonce would not be what she is today. With that being said I WANT a DC reunion – but I don’t think it will truly happen. Bey has a serious case of me-itis. She doesn’t know how, nor want to share the spotlight again. Especially now. Look at Kelly!! She has gotten even more beautiful with age, can sing, dance, and toss her weave around looking hot while doing it too! Compared to her, Beyonce looks like an overdone selfish brat. Show your former band members some respect. PLEASE. Lord knows they’ve earned it.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Kelly look AMAZING. I can’t even. I got goosebumps when she popped outta the stage. Seriously. And Beyonce was like this perfect woman up there that made me love her and feel bad that I am not her. My Twitter feed blew up over her performance. I know it might not have been too over the top, but my god her dancing just slayed me!! I couldn’t even handle how much she put into the show. She was on fire. I didn’t love the stage though. And the ending was just like… Oh, it’s over? But she put on one hell of a show!

    • @ClaireMichelle — Yes, her live performances are breathtaking. I cannot encourage others to see her on tour more. Her last tour, in all honestly, is still the best live pop concert I’ve ever seen in my life. She works it OUT.

  • ElleP

    Michelle is a DAMN liar and I REVOKE her Christianity!!!! lol But IMHO, NO Superbowl show can top Prince. When he wrapped his hair due to the rain, lawwwwd! That mess of a man cannot be topped!!

    • ElleP

      Also, we all know Beyonce stole that stadium’s electricity. She literally SHUT IT DOWN

    • Shannon

      ElleP, looks like you and I are the Christianity card-pullers over here, lol! Self-appointed ;)

  • Brent

    Beyonce was like…Kelly stole my thunder…SHUT OFF THE POWER!!! Michelle was like, why is my mike not on?

  • blaqfury

    Let me just get my hateration out the way…
    —So Bey made enough time to rehearse for the SuperBowl, but couldn’t make enough time to rehearse for the historic inauguration of the President of the Free World— priorities!

    Moving on..the show was great, but nothing memorable and the ending was so lackluster…. she ended on a slow/mid-tempo song… Why?!?! But side props on bringing Baby Boy from the grave… i woulda never guessed that woulda been on the setlist.

    Kelly looked absolutely fantastic, After she came on, that was the conversation for the rest of the show at the party. Bey who? Side eye to her low mic situation… i haven’t completely ruled out that Beyonce didn’t deliberately do that. No one had anything to say about Michelle, but i’m sure she’s used to that…lol!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, here’s what my friend Rickey had to say about Michelle, just to be fair:

      ‘Good for you Michelle! you tried that choreography! GOOD for you, I say. lololol. At least there was no trips…’

      LOL. She did her part, right?

    • Whit

      I agree with your friend. But I didn’t even feel as though she really tried. It was as though she was a backup dancer that sudden got called to the front but couldn’t bring it.

  • jennifer

    I love the fact that she had an all female band. That’s awesome!

    But yea, I would have loved more singing.

  • Brent

    By the way. When Bey was throwing her hair back and and forth, me and the bf were like someone is gonna snatch that weave off her head LOL.

    • cmc

      Her weave is fiiiiierce. She has the best weave-ologist in the world!

  • cmc

    My favorite moment was when Beyonce was basically like “Okay, now get off my stage. You’re welcome!!!”

  • nicole

    i actually though it kind of sucked. she didnt sound very good. DC where on stage together for what, 30 seconds?(but lemme just say, Kelly out shined B for me) (oh and they didnt know that new song, THANK YOU!). the song selection sucked. way over hyped.

  • yeahnobeyonce

    I’m sorry but I am so over the french cut outfits, they are so 1999. And um she sang old music. I am sorry she overrated and overhyped.

  • Megan

    Before I start, her voice and dancing were flawless and she looked stunning but…

    …where the hell was Jay-Z?! I, like Shannon, presumed when he didn’t come out for Crazy in Love that she was saving him but I thought it would be for Deja Vu.

    Baby Boy on the setlist, REALLY? Where was Irreplaceable?

    I wish DC had have done a little medley of maybe three off their songs instead of being reduced to her Single Ladies back up dancers.

    I hated the stage. I’m sorry, but it was just awful. And the ending was such an anti-climax.

    And I know a lot of people on here aren’t the biggest Gaga fans but how cool would it have been if she came out and they FINALLY performed Telephone live togther?! No one? Just me?

    All this said, it’s still a better performance than any other artist out there could have given IMHO but I was still expecting more because it’s BEYONCE! I guess that’s the problem with being so perfect all the time!

    • Shannon

      Megan, I like the Gaga/Bey collab, and I think everyone was expecting something cool like that… which is kind of unfair of us since the DC reunion DID happen. But we already knew about that, lol!

  • emily

    … and this is why I lurve PITNBR. I agree with you so wholly. To sum up:
    1) Mic check on Kelly & Michelle? WTF?
    2) I saw a bit of diaper butt on the Kelly. You can see it when she sings in profile. She’s fierce, but the tailoring not so much.
    3) Whole performance too short
    4) Slow ending
    5) Bey can dance for real, but I was underwhelmed by a lot of it … Halo, writhing on the stage … I saw her God complex coming out and I was like, “oh lawd.”
    6) No one discussing Beyonce’s face? Why did it look different? Eye brows? Flat hair on top? The makeup? Why was it different?
    7) Let’s be real, I could never get on that stage and do an eighth of what she did, but I’m still feeling let down by the performance
    8) I asked my mom to text me when halftime was on and she wrote, “Biance is starting now. ” Thought PITNBRs would appreciate that.

    • emily

      forgot to add …
      9) Fire = awesome. Rest of set …. meh. Madonna’s was crazier
      10) No JAY-Z? Crazy in Love and NO JAY-Z?!?!

    • ClaireMichelle

      I totally agree on Beyonce looking different and I still can’t put my finger on it. I’m leaning toward it being the makeup. It was different than normal I think.

      Also, your mom calling her Biance made me laugh out loud at work. Hahah whoops! That’s amazing.

    • emily

      Egads, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Fashion people have been trying to figure out why her face looked different, but gossip sites haven’t mentioned it. She looked so diff’t, but HOW?!
      And OMG, Biance …. better not tell Queen B or she’ll send someone to my mom’s house to teach her how to spell it right.

    • Shannon

      emily, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. Biance looks like she’s had some work. Nothing wrong with it, but that’s how I felt. Esp in the nose area (but people have been saying that for years).

    • emily

      Aha! I didn’t want to say it, so thanks for taking the heat for me. She updates photos of herself 20 times a day though … did she get it done when she “took the year off for inspiration?” How else could we have missed the bandages?
      We’ve seen a gajillion pics of her recently, and nothing stood out to me like it did last night. Don’t know if it was her crazed expression or bad makeup… but it was just a little off.

    • rOXy

      lol @ diaper butt!!!!

    • Lisa

      I thought she looked like Tyra Banks. Smizing like a fool…

    • emily

      OMG Lisa, YES!!! I kept saying she looked crazy in the eyes, like she was going to come out and eat the camera. That’s IT! She’s smizing like Tyra!

  • cupcakes in the pocket

    why do so many of you feel beyonce owes it to you for jay z to show up? i get it, we all WANT that, and they *have* collaborated together, but this is her performance, her half time show…..ultimately they make completely different musics and are simply married, no matter how much of pop culture darlings they are.

    • emily

      I generally agree with you cupcakes … but hello, she performed Crazy in Love! Her song WITH JAY-Z! He was in the building, she was playing their duet song, and he didn’t appear? Also, her new tour is “Mrs. Carter” – the two are always linking themselves and it seemed natural for him to performing too.

    • @emily — I couldn’t agree more. The Super Bowl stage is the biggest in the WORLD. It wasn’t that she needed Jay or we were owed Jay … it’s more that she had the power to bring out the BIGGEST RAPPER IN THE GAME to make her show even more special and she decided not to. Bad move, IMHO. Really wasted opportunity.

    • emily

      Trent, totally projecting here … but do you think she was already annoyed with sharing the stage with DC? And she knew if Jigga joined on stage the headlines would be about THEM and not HER?

    • @emily — It’s possible but I just don’t understand how one doesn’t want to ENSURE that their SB performance is the best possible. She could’ve even brought out Blue Ivy for a hot minute, now THAT would’ve made headlines :)

    • emily

      @Trent – BLUE IVY?!?!?!? Aaaaaaah!

    • emily

      You are so right Trent, I’d think someone would want to turn out the best SB show they can, and lawd knows she has the resources to do that. But I dunno … after the flack she got for the inauguration, maybe she just thought, “Screw it. I can do this all on my own and I will show THEM.”

    • Shannon

      Trent, you need to be Bey’s publicist. If she had sung ZERO songs and brought Blue Ivy out and just, like, let us look upon her visage for 15 minutes, that ish still would have gone down in history, LMAO!

  • cupcakes in the pocket

    im not gonna lie emily, i wanted it too. :( maybe they’re trying to keep us guessing.

  • Colleen

    I just want to say this is the greatest post and greatest set of comments I’ve ever read on PITNB. LURVE IT ALL!!!

    Bey was on fire. I liked the multi-bey special effects. It was way too short and should have finished on something other than Halo. I mean how about some Bills, Bills Bills!? Am I pipe dreamin to bring back 1998? They could have featured a hell of a lot more DC that’s all I know. I did like seeing Kelly and Michelle get in on Single Ladies however.

    Bey was going for it the whole performance. But even then she couldn’t beat Kelly. Somehow since Shannon has showed up on PITNB I’ve been all about Team Kelly!

    • Shannon

      Colleen, so glad you’ve been successfully converted. That was my plan all along. MUAHAHAHAHA ;)

    • ausettofegypt

      “Jumpin, jumpin” would have made it live too, not halo. come on b, were ya tired?

  • Brittany

    I’ll go ahead and admit that I am not the biggest Beyonce fan but I cannot deny that she is incredibly talented. I was pretty disappointed in the show last night. I for sure thought that she would do a heck of a lot of singing after the whole inauguration debacle but she didn’t really. It just seemed to move really slow and didn’t flow.

  • rOXy

    I was worried with all the up-to-deep-space pre hype about Bey that DC was going to minimized, diminished even. I was floored when Kelly and Michelle not only held their own, but even managed upstage B. Fierce is the only word I can think of. Kelly kilt it and I need Michelle’s dress. Now! I’d take it off her back even though it was worn by a liar. The one piece was worth the price of admission for the whole shebang.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, ‘I’d take it off her back even though it was worn by a liar’ LMAO!!! You wrong! But so right :)

  • Cee

    Shannon, I adore you, but there is too much Kelly here… she has hijacked this post and Bey wouldn’t have none of that! I can’t wait for The Mrs Carter Show to hit Oz!

    • Shannon

      Cee, ‘there is too much Kelly here.’ You BLASPHEME! LMAO! Beyonce always gets the glory, my one lil’ post ain’t gonna hurt nobody, lol ;)

      No but for reals. #TeamKelly!!!

    • emily

      Woah, Cee, that was risky! Shannon, you go on loving Kelly, I’d like to see B share the spotlight for once.

  • Devonte

    I feel like any comment I have will be redundant or already said but you KNOW I gotta say my piece.

    It just was eh…It’s the Superbowl and your only real chance to just go over the top and she just did a regular Beyonce show…nothing was original or memorable…

    I agree, Kelendria is an GODDESS! But it’s really not a good look for you to do Beyonce’s song and dance…should of just agreed to the DC songs. Kelly, you got your own legit thing going on…it’s just not a good look.

    Michelle…oh Michelle…just glad you made it.

    She could of really SOLD THE SHOW had she brought some guests, but it’s really only about Beyonce…everything she does is all about her…it’s actually annoying and again reason for my hateration. She could of did something with Justin Timberlake, Usher, Gaga, Alicia..and it would have been FIYAH!. But I really though Jay-Z was a given…I mean, really?! Not even your husband can share your stage?

    Overall, I was so underwhelmed. It’s like she was so keen on proving she could sing live…oh and the song choices were really MEH….I did like how crunk she got doing Baby Boy…but Run the World? Deja Vu? Diva?!?! She missed it big…and it wouldn’t have been so bad without all the damn hype.

    • emily

      @Devonte – “Michelle … oh Michelle … just glad you made it” – absolute perfection Devonte. Is it just me or did she looked confused?

    • Devonte

      Uhhh…she always looks confused…but hey, that’s her. It’s unique to girl groups…One that always is just there or out of place and looks lost….

  • Ben@pr

    I agree totally with Trent regarding Bey performance. We all know there’s only one Queen regarding epic, majestic and record breaking live shows. I don’t even have to name Her.

    @ Shannon you literally got me LOL while scrolling down the pics. But it’s so true she was spectacular, strong and sexy. The most exciting part for me was when Kelly and Michelle pop-up from the ground like goddesses-warriors-dominatrix.

  • apriljan

    *Groan*.. My wish for Bey to take a breather is NOT coming to fruition. I’m not gonna see pregnant Bey for another 4-5 years then, I’m assuming.

    I literally ROLLED my eyes after your #3, Shannon. I didn’t need to see more of Beyonce. One is enough, thank ya kindly. Oh, and on the floor too?! Ok, I guess it’s fine to lie on the floor during part of the performance just cuz you’re Beyonce. Whatev.

    Also: What up KRow?! Those bangs were Off. The. Chain.
    I gasped when she came up!! Poor Michelle though, people keep throwin shade! She can’t get a break.

  • Chelsy

    I think Bey got a 10 for her dancing and singing but for the stage and show I will give her like a 8 because the track list was not good what happen with the other good DC songs? and with other good songs of Bey, really no survivor, bills bills bills or lose my breath? WHY? also why she didnt choose like to be in another outfit color like red to stand up from her dancers like my mom said no one will do it like Madonna or Aerosmith/Britney halftime show… I think next year Britney should do the Halftime Show :D

  • ausettofegypt

    Okay so I know I am probably repeating a lot of what has been wrote here, but…
    1. Miss Rowland…Now that is “Represntin” gurl looked hot, and blew beyonce away.
    2. However, not happy about the sound. I wanted to hear Kelly and I only heard a mic turned down. Same with Michelle, but i sure could hear beyonce.
    3. Speaking of B, really liked the stage, but not so much the performance. It should have just been all DC with all equal mic sound.
    4. I need more Kelly
    5. I need an Eminem half time show
    6. Fast 6 Baby!!!!!!

    • nicole

      Eminem..yes please!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Loved Bey especially with the Baby boy and Dutty Wine aspect!!!!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    I was so into the performance! A lot of people see to be jealous and critical of Bey I dont know why!

  • Samantha

    Kelly!!! Overall, I was underwhelmed by the performance and I totally missed the blue during Halo. All I was thinking was “why is she ending with this slow song?” Even though the DC reunion was superass short, I do like how Beyonce knew that she wouldn’t be where she is today without Destiny’s Child.

  • nicole

    i just read an interview she did after the show. she said prepped for 5 months. 5 months for..that.

    • @nicole — LOL. #yeahright

    • emily

      @ Nicole – she’s not helping her case here. General consensus is she was underwhelming – 5 months for underwhelming? People are also upset she didn’t have time to rehearse for the inauguration b/c of SB rehearsals. Saying she had 5 months for SB makes it worse. Sigh.

  • missy

    I agree with most of y’all, did feel it was too short and when it ended with Halo like that I was perplexed.
    (ok here goes, some of y’all are probably ready with eggs!)
    I know we’re all excited about seeing DC3 again, and we’d love some good old hits, I mean.. Survivor, hello! But, this is Bey’s show. She didn’t need to bring Kelly and Michelle out, but she did.. beyond what folk always say about her not sharing the spotlight and beyond expectations for an on-stage reunion, what I took away from the performance was that.. for a hot minute, Bey had her friends, beautiful women she had grown up with, to share such a momentous event with her. They are always gonna be DC3, y’all, new music or not. Also, f’real.. how much fun was it to see all three of them during ‘Single Ladies’? I nearly lost it, was so stoked!
    Regarding the setlist, she definitely wanted to have a theme.. so, singing songs about replacing.. maybe not, y’all. Green Light, Get Me Bodied, though?! That would have been fire!
    The thing I most respect about Bey is her dedication to perfect her craft. Chick could do all of that on stage in her sleep. Not discrediting any other performer out there (let’s be honest, what kinda insane stamina does Madge STILL possess?!), but Bey knows what works for Bey. She doesn’t need the opulent entrance, she doesn’t want it. She knows what she’s good at, so she’s gonna stick to it. Truly, this dedication and discipline is really nice to see. Lord knows we don’t see enough of it these days!
    I guess, perhaps sometimes, we expect too much from her? (Although I must say, as a Bey fan I kinda think Bey expects us to expect Greatness! lol.)