Surf’s Up


Whew! Yesterday was a very long, very active day … mostly. I woke up before dawn to make my way down to Huntington Beach, CA to run the 2013 Surf City Half Marathon. After a 2 hour and 3 minute run (not my fastest half marathon but my second fastest), I made my way back to LA to grab brunch at Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal with my friend Lisa who is visiting from NYC. From there I made my way downtown to attend Ollie & Caleb’s Super Bowl Party … where I promptly melted into the couch to finally relax a bit. I did have fun, from morning to well after dark.

The race was really fun, really beautiful. It was tough, mostly because I hadn’t run a single step since the Walt Disney World Marathon last month. I know, bad training but … my laziness has finally started to exert itself on me where my running’s concerned. I managed to complete the run with my second fastest time so I was really pleased. I got to meet Pink reader George (see above) and I have to give a huge shout-out and LOTS OF LURVE to his wife Cynthia. I hope to get and get a photo with her next time :D

Brunch with Lisa was fun. We’ve been trying to get together for a while now and we finally made it happen. She and I are talking about going to Iceland together later in the year … Lisa doesn’t joke around so, I think it’s going to happen :D

After brunch, it was party time with Ollie and Caleb. Olls managed to turn the cute Mikey Mouse Ears Hat keychain I brought her from WDW into the cutest headband hat ever:

The party was really fun, full of really great people … which included a reunion of THE OOHLAS!!!

Ollie and Caleb are so great. Their home is so warm and inviting, I love hanging out there. Altho my day was long and bizzy, I had a blast!!

Today, I’m feeling it tho. My legs seem extra sore so … I needs to chill out. I’m hoping to meet up with Adriana for dinner later so hopefully we can make it happen.

It’s Monday, Happy New Week!!

  • rOXy

    Congrats! Cool medal! You’re looking extra healthy, Trent! Proud. Of. You.

    Olls is looking cute as ever. Her personality just shines, doesn’t it?

    • @rOXY — I think I’m only willing to run if medals are involved anymore … I really fear for my in between race training :(

      That said, all the running seems to be offsetting my CONTINUED LOVE OF MCDONALD’S AND AUSSIE CHAYZE FROYS so yay!

      Ollie is so amazing. I wish you all could know her cuz she is LITERALLY the best.

  • emily

    Trent! I LOVE the pic of you in the mirror, you look so happy!
    I saw this yesterday and thought of you: (It says, 50, fat, diabetic, ahead of you) … best.marathon.shirt.ever.

    • @emily — Hahaha, that is a great shirt :D

  • emily

    Trent! I tried to leave a comment but it doesn’t look like it went through. Apologies for repost.

    First, you look fab and I love the pic of you in the mirror.
    Second, I saw this yesterday and thought you’d enjoy it – best.marathon.shirt.ever

  • Christina

    hey congrats! i ran the half, too — fun course.