Fall Out Boy Is Back With A New Song, A New Album & A New Tour


After a short hiatus (that has erroneously been labeled a break-up for years), Fall Out Boy are back out of the blue with a new music video for a new song titled My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up), featuring 2 Chainz randomly, which is the lead single from their new album titled Save Rock and Roll which FoB plan to support on a tour that will kick off in Milwakee, WI on May 14. Yeah, when Fall Out Boy comes back from a hiatus, they come back with guns blazing! Click below to read the message the band has issued to fans, check out some new photos of the Fall Out Boys and check out the video for Light Em Up.

when we were kids the only thing that got us through most days was music. its why we started fall out boy in the first place. this isn’t a reunion because we never broke up. we needed to plug back in and make some music that matters to us.

the future of fall out boy starts now.

save rock and roll…

I gotta say, it’s kinda fun that Fall Out Boy are back with new music. It’s funny to see that the boys are all grown men now … Pete Wentz went and had a baby, got married and got divorced since the band enjoyed their hey day. I’m sure FoB fans are dying from the bounty of new music today but … how ’bout you? Are you excited for the return of FoB? Are you gonna Dance Dance when the band goes on tour later this year?


  • Brent

    Absolutely love Fall Out Boy. So glad they’re back. Pete is sexy (hee hee)

  • Becca

    Psyched beyond belief! Lovelovelove! And the video is tons of fun! =)

  • Sandy!

    I remember seeing them in Chicago a few years back, it was AMAZING. I would definitely see them again.

  • emily

    sorry, grammar police – isn’t Fall Out Boy a band, therefore a singular unit? Shouldn’t it then read “Fall Out Boy IS back with a new song” rather than “Fall Out Boy are back …” ?