‘You’re Dave Grohl, Aren’t You?’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Y’all. I gotsta make this quick. The Beyoncé concert Super Bowl is about to start and my sister is in town with my three ridiculously awesome nephews, so I’ve only got a little bit of time to do our weekly round-up. As usual, we had a crazy-fun week with lots of crazy-fun stories, and the amazing comments just kept rolling in! Click inside so we can re-live and re-lurve just a few of my faves!

PITNBR Eric was nominated by PITNBR Jennifer Wilson for this week’s round-up. Along with a few others, he took issue with another reader who went a little too far in his Courtney Love hateration:

You’re Dave Grohl, aren’t you?

PITNBR Courtney Bryant is (along with me… and probably you) sooo ready for that new Ryan Gosling flick:

Ryan Gosling and a bad dye job? I’m there.

PITNBR Matthew had me cracking up over this one. I didn’t say this in the post, but it took me FOR-E-VER (AKA 3-7 minutes) to find a few pictures of Rooney Mara (in that gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress) smiling; and I was so glad that someone appreciated the effort:

She can smile!

She usually has a forced or awkward smile at these red carpet events.

PITNBR rOXy is finally unable to ignore the Scandal hype that we have created. Conversion complete/in process as we speak:

I know not a thing about this Scandal biz. Do I need another show to get hooked on? Oh yes I do! I’ll have to marathon it to catch up, hope it’s worth it, but by the sound of it, I’m missing out big.

PITNBR JEM totally knows Beyoncé (kind of)! Which means we ALL totally know Beyoncé (kind of)! Anyway, look for a back-up dancer during tonight’s Super Bowl half-time show who looks like she probably has a friend named JEM:

Beyonce instagramed a pic of my friend, who’s her back up dancer. I’ve never been more pumped for a half time show!

PITNBR bleedingEars joined the discussion about Beyoncé‘s National Anthem situation. When Bey sang the anthem live at an NFL press conference, bleedingEars decided to offer her services to the Queen :

The only thing missing from this event — her dropping the mic on the floor at the end and just strutting off stage like a boss.

Dear Beyonce, I should be your publicist. Call me bitch.

PITNBRapriljan was, however, not so impressed, and would rather Bey just make another baby:

Unneccessary. Honestly. The friggin GALAXY knows you can sing, B. I’m so Bey’ed out right now. She keeps toying with my emotions by contsantly being cryptic about EVERYTHING. Please take some time off after the Har-bowl. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That, or get pregnant. I’ll come back to you once you get that pregnant glow again. 

PITNBR Krissy expressed some major concerns about Nelson Mandela’s granddaughters getting a reality show:

I thought nothing could make me more depressed than the Eastwood reality show, but if this turns tacky I think it could be the most depressing show ever. Mandela’s story is one that should never be cheapened. I am all for it getting re-told, though!

PITNBR Mark, I’m tattooing this comment onto my soul. When I threatened Chris Brown’s life in a blog post that could, in fact, later be used against me in a court of law, you were really there for me, and you really understood my inner darkness. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, I’m pretty sure I love you forever:

Dark Willow < Dark Shannon.
Happy Sunday y’all! Thanks for making this another awesome week at the office <3
  • ClaireMichelle

    I love these every week!! :) BUT OHMYGOD Beyonce just slayed the whole world with her halftime performance and I just couldn’t wait for you to post about it so I had to comment here!! I MEAN, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! AMAZING.

  • LiQue

    she was average…. and the ending so anticlimatic, she can sing yeah but it was meh……

  • rOXy

    The Dave Grohl comment and the Dark Willow/Dark Shannon comment are quite possibly tied for Best in 2013 and we haven’t even started it yet!

    • emily

      @ rOXy – totally agree! I was dying when I read those comments. I lurve PITNBR

    • Jennifer Wilson

      yes! eric dave grohl comment for best of 2013!

  • Cee

    Shannon or Trent, there had be the BIGGEST Queen Bey page up tomorrow from the BeyonceBowl awesomeness – I need this stuff to get me through the day!

  • Petee

    I am glad my comment’s about Courtney Love sparked quite the reaction.No I am not Dave Grohl and I am a girl.I have mutual tie’s to Dave but I won’t go into that.And yes I do use my energy for positive thing’s,and if you guy’s thought my rant about Courtney was rough go to Celebitcy they where tearing her apart,not for the fainthearted.

  • Petee

    Celebitchy, I better get that the people on this site will come down hard on me.

    • Shannon

      Petee, I’m glad you commented. Eric’s response was funny, and I hope you can appreciate that that’s really why I posted it here. I can appreciate your response to the Courtney story, but I think PITNBR emily said it best when she responded by saying that there’s a different style of hating that goes on down at PITNB and yours just came off as harsh. I DEF know what you mean about places like Celebitchy though! Anyway, I just wanted to give you props for responding :)

    • emily

      Props to Shannon for keeping an open mind, props to Petee for responding and props to PITNBR for not being as awful as Celebitchy.

  • apriljan

    My question is: When is Kelly Rowland gonna go on tour?! I love that girl.

    I was about to go on this tirade about Beyonce, but I think I’ve said something one too many times already. Like I said, please get pregnant Bey!