The Britney Spears Vegas Show Is Not Happening After All


So, a little while back we started hearing rumors about a possible Las Vegas stint for Britney Spears. There was allegedly a huge bidding war heating up amongst the hotel/casinos in the big city, and rumor had it that Brit-Brit was set to earn more than Celine Dion… AKA $100+ million dollars a year. That would have been insaaannneee! Alas, it doesn’t look like it’s going down this year. According to Ceasars Palace, they’re booked for the summer and there’s no Britney Spears in their line-up. Click inside to learn more.

Complex has the story:

Contrary to prior reports, Britney Spears won’t be joining the likes of Celine DionShania Twain, and Rod Stewart with a show residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. When the pop star left The X-Factor, the rumor was that she was headed for a $100 million-a-year deal in Sin City.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be true. Despite the guaranteed amount of lip-syching, who wouldn’t love a crazy Vegas show starring Britney? (No one.)

PR for Caesars confirmed to Buzzfeed that they have acts booked for every weekend for months. Dion, Twain, and Elton John have contracts through 2014, and there are a bunch of non-residency shows happening at the Colosseum this year, like Jerry Seinfeld.

Planet Hollywood is a no-go as well, since they just announced that some hypnotist named Marshall Sylver is starting an open-ended residency in March. Um hello, it’s Britney! Spears is working on a new album, so maybe she’s waiting until that is finished to do a Vegas show. That’s plausible, right? Right??

Well, this is bummer news for some folks… especially those who were already envisioning multiple, extended visits to Vegas for the lurve of Britney :(

But we still have a new album to look forward to, and something tells me that the Vegas deal might pan out another time.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Fame Flynet]

  • Dezden

    Geeze.. I was definitely going to go, but I think we can all carry on. Just need a tour now (well, after a new album and all that jazz). :)

  • Brenna

    I think it’s better for her not to sign on for an extended stay somewhere, but that’s just me.

  • rOXy

    I am so friggin glad to hear this. Way to Go Britney!

  • Amanda

    HUGE sigh of relief. I wasn’t on board with the Vegas deal at all.