Miley Cyrus Made A Record With Juicy J, Plus They Hung Out In A Club


So, apparently Miley Cyrus has been cooking up some new music in the studio, and it’s all expected to be kind of a big deal. We’ve seen her [boobies] on the cover of Cosmo, and we’ve seen homegirl riding around town with a sex doll. But now we’ve seen it all. Miley was kicking it with Juicy J, and now she officially has my attention. Forever. Oh, and she’s got, like hella people working on her record with her. Click inside for her!

So here are some of the tweets Miley’s been sending out to get people like me psyched about her album:

But here’s the part that blew me away:

Madness! Maaadness. Okay, so who has actually listened to an entire Miley Cyrus record? Because I may be about to jump on the bandwagon. The idea of Miley in the studio with Juicy J is almost as awesome as the image of Miley and Juicy turnin’ up in the club. Which is almost as awesome as that time Flavor Flav and Miley met and fell in lurve. Love it.


  • Vicky

    Ahhh… Miley’s tongue may be the answer to the mystery of why Liam Hemsworth is making her his wife! lol

  • Iris B

    LOL. This girl is really funny on Instagram, too. “Superman that hoe!” I can’t. But I can’t stop watching her. I actually cannot believe I’m now obsessed with her. Da…fu…

  • nicole

    her new album is clearly going to be nothing like shes done before. and i have a feeling shes going to get a lot of hate for it. but im actually really interested to hear it. her last one had some good songs on it.

  • miguel

    Can’t Be Tamed was my ANTHEM when dudes were treating me wrong, I just decided to be a total slut, and was dropping guys left and right…so I’m ready for the bops she’s gonna serve on this next album. I hope she cooks up some slutty jams for me. Glad she got the chance to do this album on her own time, and the kind of material that she wanted to make.

  • Joan

    Decisioooons but I want it all so I get it all. I want to eat the whole cake! (LMAO, sorry, couldn’t help myself. )