We are just one day away from Beyoncé‘s big Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show but we are already hearing about her next BIG performance to follow. Bey revealed that she would be making an announcement just after her Super Bowl show tomorrow and it is widely believed that she will be announcing a new world tour to accompany her forthcoming new album. Yesterday, the UK branch of Live Nation posted a photo online that seems to announce Beyoncé’s new tour … called The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The image stayed online for a short while before it got yanked, leading many to speculate that the leaked announcement was accidental … or was it? Click below to see the image and see what you think.

A Live Nation image seems to have revealed Beyonce’s upcoming tour plans. Beyonce’s next world tour looks to be a family affair. Per an image on Live Nation’s UK website, the pop star’s upcoming tour will be dubbed The Mrs. Carter Show — a reference to her marriage to Jay-Z, A.K.A. Sean Carter. Dates have yet to be announced; apart from her much-discussed national anthem performance at President Barack Obama’s inauguration in January, Beyonce has been focused on her preparations for the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday. Her set is reported to include a Destiny’s Child reunion as well as solo hits such as “Crazy in Love.” “I may have an announcement after the performance — fans should just stay tuned to see,” Beyonce said of her post-Super Bowl plans during a recent press conference. A Live Nation rep did not immediately return a request for comment from Billboard. The potential tour would likely come alongside a new album: according to GQ, Beyonce has been working on her follow-up to “4″ with The-Dream, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, with 50 songs already recorded. “4″ bowed atop the Billboard 200 with sales of 310,000 in 2011, marking Beyonce’s fourth No. 1 solo album.

Because we’re dealing with an Internet rumor, it’s impossible to know what to believe. Sure, it’s entirely feasible that this image and tour announcement was accidentally posted online by a hapless intern … but it’s also just as likely that the “leak” is actually a well-coordinated stunt to ensure fans stay tuned after Bey‘s halftime performance for the actual tour announcement. Earlier in the week, a photo that looks like it was snapped during this same photoshoot was leaked online:

It has been reported that this photo (and others) were taken by Annie Leibovitz for an upcoming spread in Vogue magazine. Again … pure speculation. I think it is safe to assume that Beyoncé will be announcing a tour and it looks very likely to be called The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. I guess we’ll have to tune in and see what Bey has to say after tomorrow’s performance.

As for a new Beyoncé tour, are any of y’all planning to attend? I saw her live on her last tour and I was so beyond impressed, I plan to see Bey in concert as often as possible, so I will DEFFO be there.