The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ‘Truth Or Consequences,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


You know what sucks about my job sometimes? Nothing, lol. I love my job! And I love that even though I have to recap Scandal right now,  y’all will totally get it if I just write the word “Scandal” and then draw a crapload of hearts everywhere. Like this: Scandal = <3 <3 <3 <3. Mmmmhhhhhh Scandal. That’s all I wanna say sometimes! And then other times I wanna tweet a marriage proposal to Shonda Rhimes, because I lit’rally feel like she knows me better than anyone on this planet; knows my deepest desires, knows how to please me, how to tease me. Wait, what? Oh, yeah. Awkward! I love Scandal. Click inside so we can recap one of the best episodes ever in the history of everdom!

The first of many lessons I learned in this episode is that Technology Is The Debbil (Waterboy voice)! We finally learned why Quinn’s boyfriend got blown to smithereens and it allllll had to do with technology! Well, and politics, and greed, and all that other stuff, but when he showed up in Defiance, Ohio where that old dude was explaining to the voters that voting ballots were DUNZO and that memory chips were the wave of the future, I was like OMG. Technology Is The Debbil! LMAO.

But meeting Quinn’s ex- (and deceased) boyfriend was just one of, like, 8 cool mysteries that was solved in this episode. And  that’s what makes Shonda Rhimes the love of my life an amazing writer. She knows that eventually she’s gonna have to start giving the viewers some real answers and the way we got those answers in this episode (I especially loved that epic Gladiator confessional meeting) was perfecto.

This episode was The Episode Of Hollis, and I’ve soooo been waiting for The Episode Of Hollis! He’s been scaring the living ish out of me every Thursday, and I was so psyched to see him at the center of this one. First, David Rosen goes after him, having gotten sufficient evidence (he thinks) to connect Hollis to the election rigging, and the attempted assassination of the President.

Quote It: I expect you know how we turn bulls into steers. Don’t make me haul out the clippers. (Hollis to David).

But there was so much other drama! After David faced off with Hollis, then Mellie and Cyrus had their face-off when Mellie came running into his office after Fitz tried to DUNZO her.

Quote It: Good morning Mellie. Pregnancy gives you such a glow of warmth…. He’s not my guy he’s our guy! I get the weekdays and every third Saturday. (Cyrus)

Then Hollis and Olivia were going at it, then Cyrus and Olivia, it was just madness. Madness! So let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal
Season 2, Episode 12: Truth Or Consequences

1. Hollis + Quinn’s Boyfriend, Bitch!

I know it’s been said before, but it bears repeating: Hollis is still terrifying as f—. He’s like Huck in that he has no problem killing someone, but he’s NOTHING like Huck in that he has no problem killing hella innocent people for no real reason other than that it’ll save him a few bucks, or some sort of minor inconvenience. He’s the worst! But, honestly? Quinn’s boyfriend was pretty shady too. First of all, he was the one behind the Cytron madness, and even though he wasn’t actually cheating on Quinn (as far as we could tell), I didn’t appreciate all that office flirtation that was popping off. Don’t make me cut you, Quinn’s boyfriend who’s already dead! Then he went and got greedy after he found out how much Hollis was set to make off of all his technology/vote-rigging software, and that’s how Quinn’s boyfriend died (Mean Girls voice). It was a damn shame.

2. If She Liked You, Then She Woulda Put Her Ring On

Yo. Remember those episodes of Sex And The City when Carrie started wearing her engagement ring from Aiden around her damn neck?! That’s how you know don’t nobody wanna marry you! When a woman is NOT flashing the eff out of her engagement ring, placed super-conspicuously on her ring finger, then she ain’t trying to get wifed! (Sorry, Aiden… and Senator Davis.) LMAO! When I saw Olivia twirling that ring around in her fingers, I was like Oh Hell Nawl. She clearly has NO intention whatsoever of marrying the Senator, as quaint as that would be (making jam, and all, lol).

And apparently, President Fitz has no intention of staying married to Mellie! Even though Cyrus and Mellie are doing everything to keep him from making such an insane decision, he spent most of the episode sticking to his guns and letting Cyrus know what it was. And I loooved those moments– when Fitz talked about how it was his job to come up with the big ideas (i.e. leaving his pregnant wife), and it was Cyrus’s job to help execute them. We rarely hear Fitz stand up to Cyrus, and that was really quite awesome. Interestingly enough, it may not matter. We all saw Olivia hang up on Fitz without saying whether or not she’d stay with him. Weird because he was, presumably, saying what every “mistress” wants to hear: ‘I’m leaving my wife so we can be together.’ But I guess it’s not as romantic a thought as it sounds.

Quote It: Wife of the Senator, not too shabby. (Harrison)
Please, husband of Olivia Pope! (Abby, FTW!)
We’re not French. Marry your mistress? Now Olivia is a lovely, smart woman. I can’t get enough of her. But she is not exactly a hue that most of your Republican constituents would be happy about. (Cyrus)

3. Olivia Pope Becomes The Client AKA Olivia Takes Off Her White Hat AKA Quinn Has The Worst/Best Idea Ever

Okay, here’s why this is one of my favorite episodes of Scandal ever. First of all, we got to see Olivia broke doooowwwwn. Finally, finally, she admits that she has done some ish over the years. She names David Rosen as The Good Guy, and appropriately labels herself The Bad Guy. And even though it was a little cheesy, I actually liked that short sequence where Olivia was flashing back to all the bad things she’s done– and ummm, there were a lot of bad things. LMAO. And then she just crawls into her bed and looks like this:

Yo. We neeeeevvvvverrrr saw Kerry/Olivia lookin’ that wrecked!

When Senator Davis went to the Gladiators for help he did the right thing. However, I got really scared when Quinn was like We all have secrets, let’s put them all together. LMAO! I’ve had conversations like that and trust. It doesn’t always go as planned. But this was my favorite scene of the episode and one of the most memorable scenes in all of Scandal. We’ve always (I think) wanted  everyone to get in a room and just let it all out and that’s exactly what happened. Quinn orchestrated a conversation where all the Gladiators spilled the beans (though, not all the beans were spilled), and were therefore able to figure out why Olivia was covering for Hollis. And every time Huck coughed (when someone said something that was incorrect), I was rolllllin’! But the best part was when they put it all together, and realized that Olivia and Hollis (and Judge Verna) were all involved in the election-rigging scandal, and had used it to put Fitz in office. The look on friggen Harrison’s face!

In this moment, MLK Jr.‘s dream– all dreams for equality– are dead. #Dead!

Quote It: We Gladiate. (Quinn)

4. Olivia Puts Her White Hat Back On/Cyrus is Plato, And Olivia is Nietzsche

At a certain point I was like, Please, Olivia. Just let Huck kill Hollis and we can all go home! After the Gladiators figured out the deal, my other favorite scene happened; Huck climbed into bed (totally as a friend) with Olivia and offered to do… what he loves to do, lol!

Quote It: Hollis Doyle has to go. I can take care of that for you, if you want. (Huck)
You have to stop killing people. (Olivia)
Why? (Huck)

But once he convinced her that Hollis was gonna be DUNZO anyway (via Cyrus), she decided to put her white hat back on and go after Hollis the “right” way.  When she went to go see Verna in the hospital to give her the heads up, Verna was lit’rally wearing her guilt and her sins in the form of cancer all over her body. It was insane. Then when Cyrus found out Olivia was coming clean, my other favorite scene of the episode happened. (Did I say I loved this episode? Okay, yeah. ‘Cause I loved this episode.) Cyrus went OFF on Olivia and I loved it! He compared American politics to holiday magic and I was like Helllls Yeah!

Quote It: Justice is for regular people! Our electoral process is magical.

Cyrus and Olivia are both so ridiculously brilliant, I felt like their conversation was a meeting between Plato and Nietzsche. When Cyrus was going off about Santa, and Christmas, and Easter Bunnies, it was like he was saying These are the illusions the people need to hold onto. They gotta believe in something. And Olivia was on her Nietzsche ish, like F— that. We need to keep it real, lol! Anyway, that comparison totally falls apart at some point, so don’t tell my old philosophy professor I said this.

Best Quote Ever In The History Of Scandal: GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER, CYRUS. (PREACH, OLIVIA! Nobody talk to me, I’m having Church right now… lmao!)

5. Mellie Always Has One More Card To Play/Sometimes, You Gotta Induce Labor To Get What You Want

This ish was cray. Can I just make this moment about me for a sec, and say that my doctor suggested I induce labor with my second child (’cause he was a biggun, and I was past my due date, and whatever else), and I was sooo freaked out?! I had this whole sexy, natural birth plan popping off in my head… but yeah, it totally didn’t go down. I got induced, and that ish was cray. Now, we don’t know for sure what happened, but I believe Mellie induced labor to get Fitz by her side again.

This was sort of foreshadowed when Mellie had that doctor’s appointment early in the episode, and she was reminiscing about how Fitz was so present during the birth of their other two children (who we never, ever, ever see… lol). Once Cyrus told her that Fitz was still hell-bent on the divorce she went off:

Quote It: I made him! He exists because I say he exists!

When Mellie was screaming about Olivia and Fitz, all I could hear was Beyoncé‘s, Ring The Alarm. Never felt the need to place an unrelated video in one of these recaps until now, but here we go. And Beyoncé has clearly taken over the world now that she’s weasled her way into my Scandal recap, lol):

And I loved when Cyrus asked Mellie if she had any last cards to play. She’s prego! And it’s Mellie! Pregnant people always have one last card to play, lmao! So I knew Mellie was gonna do some ill ish. And it looks like it might have worked.

So yeah, my fave episode in a while. And even though we got lots and lots of answers, we still don’t know why Hollis wanted Fitz in office so badly in the first place (only to, then, orchestrate the attempted assassination), and we also don’t know who was paying Becky, if it wasn’t Hollis. Cannot wait– like, seriously, in an un-healthy way– cannot wait for the next episode.

Oh, and Bonus YesPlease, MoreThankYou Moment: When Huck gave Becky his name and got her CIA/federal prison panties all in a bunch.

And major, major shouts-out to PITNBR Samantha! Somehow, I’d totally forgotten that Hulu existed and she pointed me in their direction last week when I was lamenting about the ABC website no longer showing Revenge and Scandal episodes (and therefore depriving me of screen shots). So yeah, all these screen shots are dedicated to you, girl ;)


  • YoursTruly

    ~Thanks for the Beyonce song. I will admit that once I realized it was there, I had to play it as I read the rest of your post!
    ~And YES!!!! to juxtaposing Carrie/Aidan and Kerry/Edison…except, I loved Aidan and I need Edison to go away! Is it Thursday again yet???!!!!!

    • Shannon

      YoursTruly, so glad you could appreciate a little ‘Ring The Alarm.’ It was my anthem from about 2006-2007/now… apparently.

      LMAO at Aidan v. Edison! I feel you ;)

  • fab4runner

    OMGGG I have been waiting for this recap ALL DAY, haha. This episode was banans! Loved it so much. During basically every scene I was thinking, “I wonder what Shannon is going to say about this!?” lol.

    Liv was killing me in this ep. Simultaneously loved/hated seeing her laying in bed being a wreck. That is always what I do when life sucks. And of course I loved Huck laying there with her. I love their relationship.

    I wanted her to take the easy way out and let Huck or Cyrus deal with Hollis, but I am also happy that she decided to do things the right way. It’s definitely going to make for some great TV. I so cannot wait for next week. It looks even crazier.

    PS…Mellie is cray!! She lit’rally scared me in that hospital room lol. Her screaming was insane.

    PPS…Liv better not accept that proposal!!!

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, this recap took me forever to write– there was so much I needed to address! ‘That is always what I do when life sucks.’ I lit’rally LOL over that one :) I mean, there really isn’t anything else to do sometimes. And yes, Mellie was terrifying. As per usual, lol :)

  • nicole

    ok so this episode totally made up for the last one not being so exciting. man everrrrrrybody is shady (except for my boy Harrison. he’s seems to be like all WTF people – and that was a great screenshot of his facial expression lol) and when Huck hopped in bed with Liv, i laughed, the whole convo was just perfect.
    i’m loving that things are finally going down. cant wait for the next episode!

    • Shannon

      nicole, I know you love Harrison… but you had to notice that, during the big Gladiator confessional, he never admitted to sabotaging Abby & David’s relationship! I mean, it never came up, but I DID notice he wasn’t esp eager to bring it up either, lol.

      But you’re right– things are def starting to go down. See you here next week!

    • nicole

      i did noticed that. but in a way, that only happened so david wouldnt get any information. so it didnt really have anything to do with the bigger issue overall. – atleast, thats how i chose to justify it lol.

    • Daktar

      I also freak out at Holland’s faces, they always crack me up! eliscpaely the oh crap face and the injured puppy face he had when Feral got mad at him before Meela passed out yes he looked like an injured puppy .*screams and points at the screen* look at Holland’s puppy face!Mom:

  • rOXy

    I know not a thing about this Scandal biz. Do I need another show to get hooked on? Oh yes I do! I’ll have to marathon it to catch up, hope it’s worth it, but by the sound of it, I’m missing out big.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, ‘I’m missing out big’ is the understatement of your LIIIIIIIFFFFFEEEEEEE, lol! Join Us, Join Us, Join Us… You should be able to catch on Netflix or Hulu. You won’t regret it :)

    • rOXy

      It’s a gray day here today, and I found S1 on Netflix, and S2 on Hulu…so yeah, I’m dug in! I’m resisting the urge to get a bucket o’ fried chicken to go with that. I can see myself tomorrow morning after staying up all night because that’s what I do when I get retroactively hooked on a series. O.O

    • Shannon

      rOXy, yeeaahhhh! Can’t believe you opted out of the fried chicken. In the middle of my season 1 Hulu marathon I sent the love of my life to the gas station for HELLA snacks; it was amazing. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts :)

    • rOXy

      HAHA! The “gas station for HELLA snacks”…I can so relate. Nothing better than stuffing one’s face while glued to a series. Even though the southern fried is one of my biggest sinful indulgences (just recently discovered green beans fried up like okra), if I allow myself to bust it out, I can’t stop!! Got caught up in another show (which shall remain nameless) but Scandal is queued up for tonight. If I really love it, oh you’ll hear about it alright!

    • rOXy

      oh em squee…I can’t forgive myself for not being aware of this zeemazingly entertaining confection before now. Knee deep and going under….I mean, it’s the equivalent of an ice cream sundae and Kerry Washington is nothing less than the whipped cream with the cherry on top. She is delicious. I’m tabbing your recaps with sticky fingers, that is for sure. Yum!

  • Halli

    Great recap…this ep was one of the best things on tv ever. Shonda Rhimes is genius. I can’t wait til next week. Though, I’m pretty sure I know who paid Becky…and if so…it’d be nuts but I dunno…

    Shannon, no one could have written this better…and the scene between Olivia and Cyrus was just great. Cyrus is just one evil dude.

    • Shannon

      Halli, so glad you enjoyed the recap; I totally agree about this episode being one of the best. Cyrus is in a class by himself. Every time I start to like him a little, I remember that time when he fake-cried in front of James. Sneaky!!!

  • Lulu

    Why is no one doing a happy dance and yelling “Ding Dong Hollis is dead!!” ?!

    Because he can’t make it out of the elevator alive, right??

    Aaaahhh!!!! I can’t.

    And I am seriously disappointed in Huck. Dude, she filled your FAMILY. Yeah, yeah, you foiled her perfect job years back, but that does not make it even! gah!
    Run away!

    • Lulu

      Killed, not filled. ;)

    • Shannon

      Lulu, I didn’t see next week’s trailer, but something told me Hollis wasn’t really gonna die. I mean, it’s Hollis!

      I hear you about Huck and Becky, but I feel like Huck gets her– like he even gets why she did what he did because they are of like minds. It’s totally creepy, lol. But I also see it as the only type of romance someone like Huck could experience.

    • Rachael

      He’s not dead yet. Didn’t you see Huck in the elevator with them in next week’s trailer?

    • Lulu

      No.. I totally missed the trailer! Dang it. I knew it looked too easy. sigh. :p

  • Lindsay

    Shannon – I just want to start off by saying “You crack me UP!”. I have been a frequent flyer of this site for years now – and your posts have been such a “put me in a happy place” life addition. You seem to say alot of what I’m thinking! :-)

    Now on to the new OBSESSION of my life. I spent last weekend couch bound with a yuck cold – and thanks to a co-workers suggestion I resumed watching Scandal (saw the first few eps but couldn’t keep up – I clearly watch too much tv!) Thanks to Netflix I did like a 5hr marathon – then proceeded to BUY hulu to keep going. I couldn’t stop. Never has a cheating affair been so gut-wrenchingly amazing! I am OBSESSED with Harrison. That man is perfection. The Gladiators are superstars. Mellie = Crazy. That Shonda Rhimes is one smart lady. Between this and Revenge (which I love your recaps on too)…ABC has some ridic programming.

    You nailed my fave scene from last week = Huck plopping himself into bed with Olivia. Made me smile.

    Ok, enough rambling. Can’t wait for next Thursday! Happy weekend!

    • Shannon

      Lindsay! I’m so glad that this is one of your happy places!!! That seriously makes me feel good about the work I do. If my TV recaps are making the world a better place, then I’m good :)

      Your Netflix —-> Hulu transition story was hilarious. You ARE obsessed. I love it! See you at the next recap!

  • Whit

    My only problem with Scandal is that it comes on once a week, thus I have to wait for a new episode and your awesome recaps!

  • EAW

    Shannon, love your recaps as much as I love the show. I’m watching all the way from Spain, my dedication to Olivia & the Gladiators runs deep! I CANNOT wait until next week…holy ish Mellie might be the craziest one of them all.

  • Patricia Dagrosa

    Is Mellie the one who paid Becky to kill the Prez! Just askin’…..

    • Elaine Robbins Iliff

      Amen! I have been saying that since he got shot. That woman is NUTSO!

  • Thomas

    Shannon I pulled a you. I was way behind on Scandal due to some crazy ish the last few weeks so today I sat down and watched four episodes on a row. It was amazing. My life = more complete when you don’t have to wait in between to watch another episode.

    I LOVED this episode too. And Ring the Alarm sooooo played in my mind when Mellie was flipping. I love how angry she gets. Ring the Alarm so was my jam at one point.

    I would keep commenting but I need to go watch the final episode right now. Like CANNOT WAIT.

    • Thomas

      PS: I also find it strange that we have never seen any of Mellie & Fitz’s kids, especially when he got shot. You would think his children would be there.