New Images From Ryan Gosling’s ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ Have Been Released


The other day we got to check out new poster artwork for Ryan Gosling’s new movie The Place Beyond The Pines. As y’all may remember, I damn near lost my mind when the trailer first dropped, and this is absolutely one of the films I’m most looking forward to seeing this year. Entertainment Weekly just released some new stills from the movie, and it all looks pretty intense. Also, I had no clue that the kid from Chronicle (Dane DeHaan) was in this! Yeah, I’m psyched. Peep the gallery for more! Oh, and that image of Ryan counting money (which I lurve) didn’t make into the film, so you’ll have to like print it, and tape it to your wall if you want to see it again. Wait, sorry. It’s 2013. Put that ish on Pinterest, lol!


  • O_O Those tats … le sigh

  • Courtney Bryant

    Ryan Gosling and a bad dye job? I’m there.

    On a random note. Shannon I saw Cosmopolis and was COMPLETELY confused. I get I am not the sharpest pencil in the box ( brightest light on the Christmas tree…whatevs….) Should I read the book first?!? OR was it just terrible movie and I should move on with life…LOL

    • Shannon

      Courtney Bryant… I’m not gonna lie, I read so many not-so-great reviews of ‘Cosmopolis’ that I never rushed to the theatre to see it, like I planned. But thanks for reminding me, because I STILL love Cronenberg and I still have to see it! From what I understand, the book is really good, but it just didn’t translate very well to film. It’s meant to be confusing, but sometimes that can turn people off. I think you’re totally free to move on with your life, though. LOL :)

    • Courtney Bryant

      HAHA! Consider my life officially moved on!

  • KiTX

    I don’t know how I missed the post with the preview, but now that I have gone back, watched it, and my mind has had enough time to comprehend that #1 and #2 of my (husband-sanctioned) Top Five are going to be in a movie together that looks amazing- well, happy Friday to ME. And all who appreciate beautiful men and good movies, for that matter!