Justin Timberlake’s ‘Suit & Tie’ Video To Be Directed By Oscar-Nominee David Fincher


Well, I figured we could expect big things from the Suit & Tie video, but this is huge! Justin Timberlake is back in full effect on the music scene, with his new single, produced by Timbaland and featuring Jay-Z. We saw pics of Jay and Justin shooting the video, but we had no idea that JT had big, heavy-hitting, Oscar-nominated folks behind the camera! David Fincher, director of The Social Network and Fight Club, is directing JT’s new music video. We are so not ready! But we can start getting prepped with some deets. Inside!

Indiewire has the story:

The Playlist can confirm that David Fincher is directing the video for “Suit & Tie,” the first single for the album, that also features Jay-Z. Production began last week on the spot, with Timberlake reteaming with his “The Social Network” director. As fans of Fincher know, he cut his teeth on commercials and music videos, but it has been seven years since he’s done one, last helming “Only” for Nine Inch Nails. There’s not much word on what this clip will involve but set photos reveal that, appropriately, everyone is looking quite dapper.

The 20/20 Experience will stores on March 19th and while Fincher ponders over a few options for his next feature, “House Of Cards” just dropped on Netflix in its entirety last night. The political drama has Fincher behind the camera for the first two episodes, and executive producing the rest of the series, and if you’re not a football fan, this might be the perfect thing to settle in with this Super Bowl weekend.

Ha! We were just talking about House of Cards yesterday– I had no clue Fincher was behind that one. See? Everything comes full circle, lol.

Honestly? I’m trying not to hype this video up too much because I don’t want any of us to be disappointed, but damn! I’m psyched! Fincher! Jigga! JT! Hype, hype, hype! Who else is ready for the video to drop, like, now?! 


  • marissa

    Saw a lyric video on Vevo. Not sure if its the official music video. i like it.

  • Whatever. David Fincher directed the music videos ‘Straight Up’ and ‘Cold Hearted’ by Paula Abdul back in 1989. His Best Work Ever, tbqh.

    • Krissy

      I loved both of those videos! As for Cold Hearted, I will never forget my older brother asking me “HOW can you watch that video with Mom and Dad in the room?” I just liked the dancing and was a little too young to get what it was supposed to be simulating. Tee hee. I would love to hear some old Paula right now!

    • Shannon

      Trent, ‘Straight Up’?! No way!

    • @Shannon — Gurl, YES! Paula Abdul was my life back in the day. She was my Britney back then. Those videos are amazing :D

  • James

    He also did what I consider to still be Madonnas best vids: Vogue, Express Yourself, Oh Father and Bad Girl. It’ll be interesting to see him back in the music video world. (Though I’ve yet to love this JT song)

  • emily

    Fincher! YES! Jigga! YES! JT … uh … erm … well …. gotta say no. Can they make a JT video without JT? Then I say YES!

  • superjosh

    This is just an observation and not meant to sound all Britney Stan-ey…

    But when Britney makes a comeback (or comebacks single), she does it all by her fabulous self. JT always has to bring out collaborators and padding… Jay-Z, big-name director Fincher…

    And you know soon he’s going to start mentioning her in interviews again!

  • DJ

    Finches rules, but he’s gonna have to work real hard visually to make that song listenable.