Justin Bieber’s Car Pulled Over Again By The Cops


As you may have noticed, our little Justin Bieber has been getting press for just about everything you could imagine lately; showing his undies, showing his new tattoos, and showing his arse, lol. But Justin Bieber’s car has also been the topic of discussion in the past, as the singer has been known to get a little cray-cray in his Ferrari. Just a little while back he was sharing photos of a cop car that pulled him over. But this time, Justin’s car was pulled over, sans Justin. Click inside to learn more!

E! has the deets:

Justin Bieber’s car is once again in the news.

The pop star’s Ferrari, which is the same vehicle that a paparazzo attempted to photograph last month before he was fatally struck by an oncoming car, was pulled over by cops early Friday morning in Los Angeles, E! News confirms.

Per eyewitnesses, the singer wasn’t behind the wheel of the car, which was being driven by a man while a woman sat in the passenger’s seat.

The incident happened at around 12:30 a.m. along Sunset Boulevard, and the driver was purportedly cited for driving without a license.

Subsequently, another man arrived in an SUV and parked at a nearby gas station so he could pick up Bieber’s Ferrari and its two occupants.

E! News has reached out to Bieber’s camp for comment.

On New Year’s Day, freelance photographer Chris Guerra, 29, was killed when he was hit by a car along Sepulveda Boulevard while attempting to snap a pic of Bieber’s Ferrari, which had been pulled over for a routine traffic stop but was not being driven by the singer.

See? Friends shouldn’t let friends drive dirty in their Ferrari! It sounds like this one isn’t really Bieber’s fault, although if it was my Ferrari, I think I’d be a little more stingy with it, lol. But luckily for everyone, it sounds like the car wasn’t impounded or anything so Biebs can get back to being Biebs. All is well, I suppose, with the world.

[Source] [Photo Credit: INF]