Watch: Beyoncé Shuts Down The Haters By Performing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ LIVE At Today’s NFL Press Conference


Without comment, Beyoncé Knowles took to the stage at today’s NFL press conference ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl XLVII and she performed completely live her rendition of our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. Click the embed above to watch. ‘Nuff said.

  • Grace

    Hey Trent! This comment is not about this post, but about the site in general. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the site has been extremely long to load lately (for the last month or so). Sometimes, it takes so long, I just give up for the day. Is anyone else experiencing that?

    • Ashley

      I also have a hard time loading the site if I am using IE instead of Firefox (I only use IE when I am at work). It can get really frustrating sometimes but you (Trent) have been my favourite site for celeb gossip for years and years now so I forgive you. ;) I never use TMZ or Perez Hilton (unless I really can’t access PITNB, but it’s a very sad day when that happens). On that note, the site did take a little extra time to load for me today on Firefox but that could be anything…

    • janaegal

      I also have that problem sometimes, but using safari tends to solve it. However, I haven’t been able to comment when accessing the site from my phone which is a bummer.

    • jennifer

      I use safari on a year old computer and it makes things crash in safari as well as loading slow.

  • Megan

    Love it!!

  • JM


  • romesf415

    Yeah. She was better lip synching. Not good at all.

  • janaegal

    Ooooh, MOTED!

  • Gillian

    UGH. Beyonce is like McDonalds to me. Even though I know its bad for me and that I shouldn’t have it or like it… BUT every now and then I get that craving for Mc Nuggets – pig out and end up regretting it. It leaves me feeling sick. Just Like Beyonce – better in small doses once in a blue moon. Too much and it leaves me with a barfy feeling.

  • Krissy

    I thought the lip synching controversy was quite silly…I mean, it isn’t like people don’t know that Beyonce can sing. While she might not be everyone’s favorite, it isn’t like she has a voice like Kesha.

    I think she is going to do a great job at the Super Bowl. She is a pro.

  • blaqfury

    Well to me, the controversy wasn’t over she could sing it or not… I mean she did sing the back track, I never questioned that. I was just disappointed that she chose not to sing it live. I never doubted her ability to be able to do so… it was just such a real moment… I woulda preferred her to be authentic in the moment. Of course she could sing it… but i’m sure it was a nice 72 degrees and the auditorium was set up perfectly for audio… so her singing it there was no different than her singing and recording it in the studio for the inauguration… Moot point to me. Like I said, my issue was never that she couldn’t sing it…

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, I agree with you and others who’ve said that NOBODY was questioning her ability to sing live. People just wished she’d done it then. One of my friends made the point that nothing about the televised Inauguration is really, fully authentic. It’s an event for the world to see; even the President has already been sworn into office, etc. So it’s about putting on the best show for the American public and for the world. And I think Bey did that– so she did her job!

      She didn’t have to ‘prove’ herself with this little show; we weren’t wondering if she could sing live at a press conference, we were wondering why she didn’t sing live at the Inauguration! But now we know why, and hopefully we can all move forward, lol :) I don’t think anyone was really, really hating– I think a lot of people (like me) were just genuinely surprised that she was lip-synching. But yeah, we’ll all be fine and so will Bey.

  • Daniel

    ugh, go away bey.

  • jlopez

    I never thought the issue was weather she could sing it live. We all know beyonce can sang!

    What I took issue with was that it was disrespectful to opt to lip sync for the president on the day of his inauguration. beyonce explained that she is a perfectionist and didn’t get a proper sound check with the orchestra but then why not sing it acapella like she did today? And this moment isn’t about beyonce, it’s about our president and our great nation.

    beyonce suffers from kim kardashianitis. It aint all about you every time, b.

    • D-

      Re: comparing her to Kardashians….

      Except at least Beyonce has some kind marketable skills and talent.

    • Chris

      I found her lip-syncing very, very disrespectful as well. She should have been honored to be chosen and represent her country, and she faked it. I read in an article she felt like she didn’t have time to properly prepare since she was busy getting ready for the Super Bowl. Really? A sporting event is more important than the peaceful transition of power of our nation? I am absolutely disgusted with her and no longer a fan.

    • @Chris — I honestly don’t understand the hate, tbh. The only reason people even care is cuz everyone is making a big deal about nothing.

    • Chris

      She was asked there to SING. Not to pretend to sing! In what other occupation is this remotely considered an OK thing to do? And especially on this occasion-our National Anthem at a presidential inauguration! I think you’re uncharacteristically far off the mark thinking people just needed something to complain about. What she did was not only lame and fundamentally dishonest, but pretty darn unpatriotic too.

    • @Chris — Unpatriotic? I suppose it all depends on perspective but I honestly think this kind of reaction is a bit much. The fact that people are still talking about it even now seems ridiculous to me.

    • Chris

      I personally couldn’t have stood on the National Mall, surrounded by the monuments to people who died for our country and in the presence of our military, veterans, and leaders, and phoned it in. The woman should really crack a U.S. History book and gain some understanding of the political system that allows her to live the American dream, and the fact that she actually owes it a lot more than 2 or 3 minutes of honest effort..

  • Joan

    This is all too funny and silly. Was there any doubt that Beyonce could perform a live rendition of the National Anthem? Nope. But, that wasn’t the point, either.

    It’s a bit disappointing when the top-rate performers opt for the lip syncing route. I wouldn’t crucify them for it, but well, it’s still disappointing. More importantly, can we just move on already? LOL

  • bleedingEars

    The only thing missing from this event – her dropping the mic on the floor at the end and just strutting off stage like a boss.

    Dear Beyonnce, I should be your publicist. Call me bitch.

  • apriljan

    Unneccessary. Honestly. The friggin GALAXY knows you can sing, B. I’m so Bey’ed out right now. She keeps toying with my emotions by contsantly being cryptic about EVERYTHING. Please take some time off after the Har-bowl. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That, or get pregnant. I’ll come back to you once you get that pregnant glow again.

  • Pufinstuf

    So, are we done with this now? I sure hope so. I never thought she was not ABLE to sing live. And singing it live now in no way changes the fact that she didn’t do it at the Inauguration. But to be perfectly honest, I never found the lip synching offensive in the first place. So I hope we can move on to some other tempest in a teapot.

  • jj

    the question is , is she really singing on that video???? maybe its a lip synch again… beyonce is a pro when it comes to lipsynching

  • naomi black

    I find it interesting how much time people have spent with this, when they will pay good money for a lip synching artist like…. well pick a card ANY card…. & then defend what a great artist they are!! (Britney, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Madonna, Katy Perry etc.), but Beyonce, who we ALL know can bring the thunder prerecords a performance for perfection, & the whole world comes undone like she’s Milli Vanilli… I totally agree with BleedingEars about “The only thing missing from this event – her dropping the mic on the floor at the end and just strutting off stage like a boss.”, & then I would’ve yelled… Now SHUT UP HATERS… BEYONCE OUT!!!

    • @naomi black — The sad fact is that our society just loves to pick on and criticize people. The Inauguration, while historic, was pretty “boring” newswise … therefore, the news cycle had to talk about something. It’s the nature of the beast. When CNN has a “Breaking News” scrolling headline that reads “Did Beyoncé Lip Sync?” you know A.) it’s a slow news day and B.) our 24 hour news cycle culture has no shame.

  • MJ

    First off, I really like Beyonce. I have no doubt that she can sing the Star Spangled Banner. Clearly, the backing track is her voice. What was disappointing to me is the fact that she made it about HER when in reality it was about OUR President and his inaguration. Sorry, B, but the moment is bigger than you. And what is this about no time to rehearse? It was publicized fairly early who the performers would be. Singing at the Inauguration is a great honor. Come on!

    Personally, I’m gonna concentrate on Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor who DID sing live!

  • Veronica

    When is someone going to sing the national anthem the way it’s supposed to be sung??? This is an ANTHEM, not something one can riff up however they see fit. I wish more pop singers would stick to what’s written rather than create an entirely new composition.

    And I do love Beyonce, but really, the re-writing has got to stop. :(