Melissa Beck Proudly Shows Off Her Newborn Daughter Maja Ilani


At the start of the month we learned the happy news that Real World: New Orleans alum Melissa Howard Beck gave birth to her second child, a baby girl she and husband Justin Beck named Maja Ilani. Today we get to see what the precious little darling looks like just a few weeks after her birth. Melissa has been sharing the CUTEST photos of Maja on her personal Instagram profile and she graciously allowed me to share one with all y’all. The photo below was taken on Day 19 of Maja’s new life and as you can see, the adorable little doll has the ability to steal your heart with just one look! OMG, she is so cute … prepare yourselves, y’all.

Maja, 19 days and reading you.

Are you dying? I mean … c’mon, you so are. I wanted to post a follow up photo of Maja so that all y’all Melissa fans can see just how cute her babies are! You may recall that we got to meet her firstborn daughter Shalom Mazie on the occasion of her first Passover back in 2009 so I wanted to give Maja some blog love too. Lord … it is insane how beautiful this baby is … like, seriously. Melissa and Justin’s babies have been known to make ovaries explode with their beauty. Go ahead and check yours … am I right?



  • janaegal

    HOW WEIRD! I just found her tumblr last night(Princess Melissa was my favorite site back in the day) and spent a couple hours reading through every page! Her story about miscarrying was absolutely heartbreaking. I’m so glad that she was able to have another healthy and beautiful baby!

  • apriljan

    New Orleans was my fav season and Melissa was my fav character! Baby Maja is a spitting image! So adorable.

  • kendra

    Yep..Ovaries destroyed Shalom is such a beautiful little girl..You just knew little Maja was going to be a beauty, too! Melissa is my fave person on Twitter..So happy for her and Justin!

  • Dezden

    So cute. I follow Melissa on Twitter!

  • Iris B

    She needs a book deal asap. Ever since Princess Melissa days.

    • @Iris B — I completely agree! She is the funniest writer, I love her.

    • janaegal

      One of the (many) reasons why i love Shannon so much is her writing style reminds me a bit of Melissa’s.